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Weekly Update: February 6, 2021 - Meet, Chat, Super Bowl Sunday

This weekend is the all-American holiday Super Bowl Sunday. It’s centered around beer and snacks, intentionally watching ads, and football I’ll be watching.

This week’s updates include a new option to check your audio and video before joining a Meet meeting, improved video calls in both Meet and Zoom on Chromebooks, and the announcement that Google Chat app for Mac and Windows will stop working next month (to be replaced by the Chrome PWA).

Plus there are tips for website publishers, YouTubers and web surfers.


YouTube and Video

  • If your YouTube channel is on a Brand Account, you can move from using Brand Account managers to Channel Permissions in YouTube Studio. There are pros and cons to doing that. Channel permissions have more granular access levels, so you can add managers, editors or just viewers. The downside is that they only have access to YouTube Studio on desktop, so no way to create Storys or Community Posts, commenting only in Studio, no access to Live Control Room, and no ability to manage the channel on mobile devices.
  • TikTok is putting warnings on videos that may contain misinformation to make people think twice before they share.

Webmasters & Publishers

Video Meetings

  • Google Meet has a cool new preview feature that lets you check your microphone and camera before a meeting. Click “Check your audio and video” to check your device settings and record a short test so you can see how you will look and sound to others in the meeting.
  • Google has updated Chrome OS for improved video calling with Google Meet and Zoom on Chromebooks. Enhancements included improved camera feed performance, adapting to your device by adjusting frame rate and resolution, and adapting to the speed of your network by temporarily turning off video feeds to reduce congestion. And Google’s engineers are working directly with Zoom’s engineers to make this happen.
  • A recent study suggests that most “zoombombing” incidents are an inside job. It’s less hijackers discovering links, and more like students sharing their class video call details. Password protection doesn’t appear to help, and it’s recommended to require all participants to be signed in to account. Wired has the details.



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Image by Peter H from Pixabay (Free for commercial use Pixabay License)