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Your personalized AdSense Support Page

If you are an AdSense Publisher or YouTube Partner, you can get personalized information about your AdSense account on Your AdSense Page in the AdSense help Center. 

While this information is also available in your AdSense account, it is convenient to have all the details on one page. Plus there are links to find additional information and resources.

Your AdSense support page shows:

  • Your email username
  • Your AdSense Publisher ID
  • Whether you have enabled Auto Ads
  • PIN verification status, including the number of PIN attempts and number of days since your PIN was last mailed.
  • Payments status, including form of payment.
  • Policy issues, with a link to your account Policy Center.
It also has more information about the support options AdSense offers. 

Note that if you are a YouTube Partner, you can get direct support from YouTube Creator Support, even for AdSense-related  issues. 

Watch the short video tutorial, or read on for more detailed instructions. 

Access Your AdSense Page

1. Open the AdSense help center
2. Make sure you are signed in to your AdSense account's Google account

Click your profile photo at top right to see which account you are signed into. If you are not signed in to the correct account (or not signed in at all), you won't be able to view your AdSense account information.

3. Under Get Started click Your AdSense page

(There is currently also a banner at the top of the help center promoting the page.)

You can also go directly to

4. Open each section of Your AdSense page to see your account information, see support options, and get links to additional resources.