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Weekly Update - October 10, 2020: Google Workspace, Meet, Security


This week Google rebranded G Suite as Google Workspace, emphasizing the focus on offering a “better home for work”. There are new icons for Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Meet and Chat, and new account plans.

Notable in its absence is Currents, the successor to Google+. No new logo, and no mention in recent announcements about Google’s online workspace vision. While it did become available to all G Suite users in July, it doesn’t appear to have had any other updates beyond the removal of old Google+ features. That doesn’t look good.

Beyond the rebranding there are a number of new Meet features rolling out, including the redesigned Android app, breakout rooms, new security features and more.

Plus there are updates for YouTubers, webmasters, businesses and more.


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  • Chrome has new security features. If it detects you are using a compromised password, it will take you to the password change page for that site. Enhanced safe browsing, which proactively protects you against phishing and malware sites is coming to Android. And on iOS devices Chrome Password manager lets you autofill saved passwords in iOS apps.
  • Google is getting more proactive about alerting you to potential security issues with your account. Soon they will display an alert within the Google app you are using on your mobile device.

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