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Weekly Update: October 31, 2020: Meet, YouTube, Chat

Happy Halloween! I hope this weekend brings you more treats than tricks. Google has spooky music, cute games and AR jack o’lanterns and other creatures to help get you into the mood.

This week was the annual Google Product Expert Program summit. Like most conferences this year PES@Home was a virtual conference, so no travel, no group lunches, parties or late night chats in the hotel bar. But there were interesting sessions, and it’s always great to learn about Google’s products and services directly from the folks working on them. Hopefully we’ll be able to gather in person next year.

Finally, Tuesday is election day in the US. If you are a registered voter, be sure to vote! Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, and other platforms not only want you to vote, but say they have put measures in place to reduce the spread of misinformation. Even so, I think I’ll skip social media.

There are updates this week for YouTube, Meet, Chat, and more. 


Webmasters and Publishers


Video Meetings


  • If you use Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, get the Adobe Creative Cloud Add-on for Google Workspace. This lets your team “easily access and share assets in Gmail and apply brand colors, character styles, and graphics to Google Docs and Slides to keep deliverables consistent and on-brand.”


  • If you are of a certain age, Sierra On-Line was a big name in adventure games, with popular titles like King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry published in the late 80s and early 90s. And then they were bought up and killed off by a “massive accounting fraud” and greed.   Vice has the story.
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Image of candy corn by sambeawesome from Pixabay. Free to use.