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Manage AdSense Vignette ads on wider screens

AdSense will show Vignette ads on wider screens - including on desktop - beginning November 3.  You can turn off Vignette ads on wider screens in your AdSense Auto Ad settings.

Vignette ads are a type of Auto Ad. They are full-screen ads that display when a user leaves a page, so they appear between page loads. Currently they are only shown on mobile devices.

While that type of ad can be intrusive, AdSense does limit the number of "Vignettes" a user is shown to "maintain a good user experience."

If you do not want your site's desktop visitors to be shown Vignette ads, you have several options. 

1. Turn off the new Vignette wide screen setting.

When the wide screen setting is turned on, Vignette ads may show on screens wider than 1000 pixels beginning November 3. 

2. Turn off Vignette ads

There are several types of Auto Ads, including In-page ads, Anchor ads, Vignette ads, and Matched Content. You can choose to show all or only selected types. 

For example, I currently have Anchor ads enabled, which stick to the top or bottom of the user's screen on mobile devices. I do not have Vignette ads turned on.

3. Turn off Auto Ads

If you do not want Auto Ads on your site, you can add standard ad units to your blog or website's layout. 

Change your Auto Ad settings

You can manage which types of ads display on your site in your AdSense account's Ads settings.

1. Sign in to your AdSense account (
    Make sure your site is shown as Ready in your account's Sites list.

2. On the left menu click Ads Overview. Make sure you are viewing the By site tab.

3. Find your site, in the list and see if Auto Ads are ON or OFF.

If Auto Ads are OFF, Vignette ads will not display on your site.

4. To edit your Auto Ads options, click the pencil icon to open the Ad Settings Preview page.

5. The Ad Settings Preview page has Auto Ads settings on the right side.

At the top of the settings is a toggle that lets you turn Auto Ads on or off.  Blue is "ON". 

Note: if you enable Optimize your existing ad units then AdSense will "optimize your existing ad units and your Auto ads together and place ads in the best performing ad placements". 

6. If you have Auto Ads turned on, you can then select which Ad formats to show.

Click Ad formats and scroll down to Vignette ads

If Vignette ads are turned on, you can then turn on or off the Wide screen setting. 

When the Wide screen setting is turned on, Vignette ads may appear on screens wider than 1000 pixels. 

7. Once your have updated your Auto Ads settings, click the blue Apply to site button.

8. On the Apply to site popup, select either Apply now or Run experiment first, then Save.

If you select Run experiment first AdSense will test the new setting on 50% of your site's traffic for up to 90 days. You can monitor progress on your AdSense account's Experiments page. You can either allow Google to pick the winner, or choose yourself whether to keep your original settings or implement the changes.

Note: It may take up to an hour for changes to appear on your website.

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