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Weekly Update - October 3, 2020: Meet, YouTube, Google Photos

There is something for everyone in this week’s updates, from new Google phones, speakers and Chromecast; new features in Google Meet; updates to the Google Photos editor; improved captioning tools for YouTube creators and much more.

Are you about which Google Meet features are available for different types of accounts? I’ve created a chart where you can compare user features at a glance.

Google Hardware Event


YouTube and Video

  • YouTube is improving captioning tools for creators, with a new version of the captions editor in YouTube Studio that includes “smart” timing, improvements to automated captioning, and a new “Trusted Captioner” role for channels in development. While none of these is a direct replacement for Community Contributions, which were discontinued September 28, they are an improvement. And active Community Contributions users will have their free membership in the Amara captions community extended from 6 months to 12 months to allow for this development.
  • If you are a YouTube gaming creator with Stadia, check out the new Crowd Choice feature. Games with Crowd Choice let viewers vote during the live stream to influence the path of the game. This requires OBS or other 3rd party streaming software. This will initially be supported for Baldur's Gate 3 and Dead by Daylight.
  • The YouTube Shorts camera is now available to all Creators in India. The Shorts camera lets you create fun 15 second vertical videos that may appear on the YouTube homepage Shorts shelf.
  • There will be a new Audience Retention card in YouTube Analytics that lets you easily see the spikes, drops and engaging segments of your videos. Get a sneak peek from Creator Insider.
  • Soundtrack by Twitch is new rights-cleared music you can use while live streaming on Twitch. It is not licensed for video on demand (like Clips) or other platforms. Independent artists and labels can submit their music to be included.

Blogger and Webmasters


Social Media



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Image: Photo by Ithalu Dominguez from Pexels