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The Fundo virtual events platform is now open to creators

Google's experimental "in-house incubator" Area 120 has launched the Fundo virtual events platform to all creators in the US and Canada (with more locations "coming soon"). It offers multiple ways to interact with your audience. And it's designed for easy monetization!

You can host a meet-and-greet, run a workshop, and even take photos "with" your fans. Fundo helps you take care of all the details, including scheduling, sign-ups, taking payments and the event itself. 

It's designed with YouTubers in mind, but it looks like it can be used by all sorts of creators.

Check out the Fundo home page ( to see featured events. This is my public profile (no events scheduled ... yet??). Can you tell I find this exciting?

What Creators need to know about Fundo Events

Fundo lets you set up three different types of events:
  • 1:1 Chat + Photos: individual video call with fans. Take "photobooth" photos together with your own branded frame. Fans virtually "line up" in a waiting room.
    • Meet & Greet: group live chat, recommended for Q&A sessions.
    • Workshop: present to a group with screen sharing. The audience can ask questions.
    You can create one time events or recurring events (biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly). 

    Fundo recommends not selling more than 30 tickets to an event.

    Recording Events

    Your event can be recorded. 
    • The Fundo team can send you a video of the recorded event.
    • You can livestream to an unlisted video on your YouTube channel (you provide the stream key).
    Cost and monetization: 
    • Event attendees can purchase tickets with any major credit or debit card.
    • Payments to Creators are via Stripe, and you need to link a Stripe account (which you can set up in your Fundo account)
    • Fundo charges a service fee, even for free events
      •    Free tickets: $1.50 per ticket
      •    Paid tickets: 20% of ticket price
    • Stripe issues payments to a linked bank account (checking only) or debit card.
    • Payments are issued once a week on Friday
     You can set your own price for tickets, and create discount codes to give some fans a deal.

    YouTube Partners with Memberships enabled can also offer exclusive events for their Members. Currently you must have at least 30,000 YouTube channel subscribers to offer Memberships (1000 subscribers if you having a Gaming channel).

    And you can also offer different ticket prices for participating in an event, or just watching the livestream.

    How to sign up for a Fundo Creator account

    If you are in the US or Canada, you can sign up for Fundo to create your own events.

    1. Open the Fundo Creator page (

    2. Click the Sign up as a Creator button at top right

    3. Choose whether to Sign in with YouTube or Sign in with Google

    If you choose Sign in with YouTube you can choose a brand account YouTube channel identity.

    4. Give Fundo permission to access your YouTube channel.

    5. Select your Fundo URL and country

    Be honest about your country location. Country options are limited when you link Stripe for payments.

    They also ask what types of events you plan to run, but this does not appear to limit your account options.

    Then click Continue.

    6. Set up your Fundo Profile, including your display name (usually your YouTube channel name), avatar (your channel icon by default), and your casual name (the name they refer to). 

    You can optionally add a phone number for notifications. And you can add your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok links.

    Click the Register button to complete the signup process.

    7. Once your account is registered, you can access your Creator account page.

    8. The last step is to  link a Stripe account for payments. 

    You can sign up and connect Stripe from your Fundo Creator Earnings tab. You will need to provide your real name and link a bank account or debit card.

    9. Click Create New Event to set up a new event.

     Select the event type: 1:1 Chat + Photos, Meet & Greet, or Workshop

    Enter your event information and follow the steps to set the ticket price and other details.

    And then you are ready to go!

    Learn more

    Fundo Creator Terms of Service


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