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Transfer ownership of your legacy YouTube channel to a different Google account: Link to a Google+ Page

Update 17 March 2015: now you can move your Google+-connected channel to a different Google+ Profile or Page. Learn how to move your channel here: Transfer you YouTube channel to a different Google+ Profile or Page

Until this week, most YouTube channels that were created before May 2009 - so-called "legacy" accounts - could be moved from one Google account to another. Now YouTube is providing a different option: link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page, and transfer ownership of that Page to the new owner's account.

If you open the advanced settings ( of your legacy YouTube channel you should still see the option to "Change which Google Account is linked to this account".

Clicking "Change Google Accounts" takes you to which now prompts you to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page.

Want to sign in to your channel with a different Google Account? Connect your channel to a Google+ page to add more channel manager accounts or transfer ownership of your channel.

If you choose to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page at this step, you will see a prompt to update your channel identity like this:

There should be at least three options: Keep your YouTube username (which creates a Google+ Page titled with your YouTube username), Choose a better name (which creates a Google+ Page with a new name), or Use your Google+ profile name (which links your channel to a personal Google+ Profile). The name of your YouTube channel will be the same as the Google+ Page or Profile that it's linked to.

If you want to be able to transfer ownership of your YouTube channel to a different Google account, you must link your channel to a Google+ Page.

A Google+ Page and its associated YouTube channel can have up to 50 different managers. After two weeks 24 hours, a manager of the Page can be promoted to owner. Ownership of the YouTube channel will be transferred along with the Page.

So what's the catch?

• After 14 days the link between your YouTube channel and its Google+ Page becomes permanent.

• You will not be able to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Profile on a different Google account.

• Also be aware that Google+ Page name changes are limited to 3 changes per calendar year. That means you need to pick a name for your Google+ Page and YouTube channel that you would be happy to stick with for a while.

If you run into trouble you can contact YouTube 1:1 support for assistance.

Additional information: 

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YouTube Help: Manage channels linked to a Google+ Page

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