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Create a new YouTube channel for your existing Google+ Page

Coca-Cola uses their G+ Page
identity on YouTube
Update: As of October 2016 YouTube channel creation is now completely independent of Google+, and these instructions are obsolete.

Please see the current post:
Create a YouTube Channel for your Business, Brand or Show

If you have an existing Google+ Page for your business, organization or brand, it's easy to create a new linked YouTube channel that will use the identity of your Google+ Page.

Keep in mind:
  • Your new YouTube channel cannot be unlinked from its Google+ Page.
  • The only way to delete your Google+ Page is to first delete the linked YouTube channel.
If you don't yet have a Google+ Page you can create a Google+ Page and YouTube channel at the same time.

If you are sure you want your to create a new YouTube channel permanently linked to your existing Google+ Page, it's easy to do.

To create a new YouTube channel for your Google+ Page:

1. Sign in to a Google account that owns or manages your Google+ Page

2. Go to YouTube and go to "All my channels" (

3. "All my channels" should list all YouTube channels and Google+ Pages that your Google account manages.

When you hover over a Google+ Page that does not yet have a channel linked to it, you will see a "New channel" label on it. Click on the Google+ Page you'd like to create a new YouTube channel for.

Do NOT click on the blue "Create a new channel" button. That will create a new Google+ Page.

4. If you have YouTube channel unlinked from Google+, you will see the option to either link that existing channel to the Google+ Page you selected or create a new YouTube channel.
5. A confirmation screen will show the title and profile image for the channel being created.
Click OK to complete the process.

6. If you would like to set a custom URL for your channel, you can do so in the advanced settings for your channel (

If you end up with your YouTube channel linked to the wrong Google+ Page and you don't want to delete the channel and start over, contact YouTube support for assistance.

Note June 2014: For up-to-date instructions for creating a Google+ Page-linked YouTube channel without first creating a Google+ Profile see: Use Google+ without a Profile: create a new Google+ Page and YouTube channel

(updated 3/18/14 and 6/24/14)



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