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How to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page

Update June 2014: If your channel is connected to a Google+ Profile, and you do not have the option to disconnect your channel from Google+ you will need to contact YouTube support to move your channel to a Google+ Page.

If you do not want to use your real name for your YouTube channel, but you do want to link your YouTube channel to Google+, you'll need to link your channel to a Google+ Page, rather than a Google+ Profile .

If your YouTube channel is currently linked to a Google+ Profile, the first step is unlinking your YouTube channel from Google+. 

Once your YouTube channel is unlinked from your Google+ Profile, you can link a Google+ Page:

Go to your YouTube channel's advanced settings to start the Google+ Page linking process:

If you want to link your YouTube channel to an existing Google+ Page, the Google account you use to sign in to YouTube must be a manager of that Page.

Official instructions for linking your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page: 
You will have 14 days to unlink your YouTube channel from its Google+ Page. After 14 days the link between the Google+ Page and your YouTube channel will become permanent.

Further information on using your YouTube channel when linked to a Google+ Page:
Limitations of channels linked to a Google+ Page:
Comparison between Google+ Profile and Google+ Page linked YouTube channels:
Use third-party devices, apps, or tools with channels linked to Google+ Pages:
Use AdWords with YouTube channels linked to Google+ Pages:



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