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Create a new YouTube channel for your business, organization, show or brand

Update: consumer Google+ is shutting down April 2, 2019. This will not affect your YouTube channel.

Update February 2017: YouTube is now independent of Google+, and these instructions are obsolete.

Please see the current post:
Create a YouTube Channel for your Business, Brand or Show

Update June 2014: learn how to use YouTube and Google+ for your business or brand without a Google+ Profile.


If you would like to create a new YouTube channel that uses the name of your business, organization, band, gaming nick, show or brand, you have several options:

Create a YouTube channel unlinked from Google+ that instead uses a YouTube username

Create a YouTube channel linked to your existing Google+ Page

Create a YouTube channel and new Google+ Page at the same time

The option that's best depends not only on what you want your YouTube channel to be called, but also how you want your business or brand to be represented on Google+.

When you create a new YouTube channel linked to a Google+ Page, you will not have the option to unlink your channel from Google+. That means that before you create your new channel you need to make sure you have carefully considered your business or brand's social media strategy for Google+. If you want to start developing your YouTube channel immediately, you might want to create a channel that is unlinked from Google+ instead.

The one thing you cannot do is link your YouTube channel to your Google+ Profile and still use a business or brand name on YouTube. That unfortunately can put you in a bind if you have an active and established personal profile on Google+ but want to use a different identity for your YouTube channel. I plan to explore the options for YouTube creators in that situation in a later post - stay tuned!

If you are confused, you can ask for help from fellow users in the YouTube help forum 

More information:

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(Last updated March 2019)