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Inserting your YouTube videos into Blogger posts after linking your channel to Google+: a fix for missing videos

Have you recently linked your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page and discovered that suddenly you can no longer insert your videos in to a Blogger blog post?  Have you found that when you select the option to insert a video from "My YouTube videos" all your videos have disappeared?

There is a fix for that!  What you need to do is sign into your YouTube account's advanced settings and set the default to the channel that you want to insert videos from. Read on for more detailed instructions.

One of the advantages of using a whole array of Google products is that they are usually relatively easy to integrate with each other.  For example, if you use Blogger as your blogging platform, you can insert an image from your Google+ Photos or insert a video from your YouTube channel, as long as you sign into Google+ or YouTube with the same Google account as you use to sign into Blogger.

If you are having trouble inserting videos from your YouTube channel into your Blogger post, the first thing to check is that you are signed in to the correct account:

• make sure you are signed into Blogger with the same email and Google account that you use to sign into your YouTube account

• make sure that you have your browser set to accept 3rd party cookies

Then you need to set the default YouTube channel for "Signing into older apps":

Note June 2014: it is now easier to set a default channel for your YouTube account - please see the new updated instructions 

• Sign into your YouTube account.

• Make sure you are using YouTube as your Google+ Profile identity. If you need to switch, you can do so at

• Then go to your YouTube channel's advanced settings (

• In the drop-down menu under "Signing in to Older Apps" select the YouTube channel you would like to post videos from.

• Be sure to click the blue "Save" button in the upper right hand corner.


Now you can go back to your Blogger post and click Insert Video.

When you select "My YouTube Channels" you should see the videos from the channel you selected in your YouTube channel's advanced settings.

Note that Blogger does not currently indicate from which channel "My YouTube videos" is displaying.

If the videos you see there are not the right ones, you may need to go back to your YouTube channel's settings and make sure you've selected the correct channel.

And if you want to insert videos from different YouTube channels in different posts, you may want to get the video embed code from YouTube, and paste it directly into your blog post.

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(Updated 6/24/14)
(Last update: March 2019)


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