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2017 Year in Review: Creator Updates and My Year

In this last Weekly Review for 2017, here’s a roundup of updates for Creators across the Googleverse over the past year. If you want a quick overview, watch my video.

Click the links below to get all the details about 2017 updates.

Year in Review 2017: YouTube Creators, Partners and Live Streamers
  • New eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program
  • The “Adpocalypse”
  • New Community Guidelines and stricter policy enforcement
  • Retirement of the Annotations editor, YouTube video editor and Slide Show creator
  • Mobile live streaming for (almost) everyone
  • Super Chat and Sponsorship: two new monetization methods for live streamers
  • On the horizon: new YouTube interface, new Creator Studio, Communities, Reels, YouTube Gaming Lounge
Year in Review 2017: Google+ Comes Into Its Own
  • Retirement of Classic Google+
  • Topics and Discover for finding interesting content
  • The new Profile “About” card
  • Advanced Google+ search operators
  • Delete, and report comments, and block the commenter with just a few clicks.
  • Community moderation tools, including bulk moderation of Community posts and ask-to-join requests, and the ability to "Remove, report and ban" members in one step
  • Improved photo lightbox on the web, including pan and zoom of large images, photo sphere support, and a new design that lets you better see captions and comments
  • Improvements to the Google+ desktop notifications page
Year in Review 2017: Bloggers, AdSense Publishers, Webmasters
  • Blogger introduced new modern responsive Themes
  • There was no website "Adpocalypse", but AdSense did indeed add stricter content policies in response to criticisms ads were displayed on "dangerous or derogatory content"
  • AdSense started assessing page-level, rather than site-wide penalties, and added a new account Policy Center to learn more about policy issues on your monetized websites
  • AdSense is working to improve the experience of visitors to your site, by introducing high quality Native Ads, a new "Ad Balance" option that only displays your best performing ads, and promoting "Better Ads Standards"
  • Google has made Data Studio (report creation) and Google Optimize (website A/B testing) free to everyone
  • Google Webmasters has a brand-new SEO started guide
Year in Review 2017: Google and Your Photos
  • Google Photos mobile app now lets you stabilize your shaky video
  • Snapseed, Google’s mobile photo editing app, got a fresh user interface, new filters, presets, and editing tools like “Double Exposure” and “Face Pose”
  • Nik Collection of photo editing software rescued by DxO
  • There are several new experimental apps for creative image-making, augmented by machine learning: Motion Stills for iOS and Android, Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies.
  • Google Camera augmented reality (AR) stickers on Pixel phones
Year in Review 2017: Hangouts gets down to business
  • Launch of Hangouts Meet video conferencing for G Suite, with regular updates
  • Launch of Hangouts Chat for G Suite, which is still in beta
  • Hangouts people search is now limited to your Contacts
  • Retirement of most classic Hangouts video call apps, except those for business meetings and Hangouts on Air
  • SMS messaging removed, except for Project Fi and Google Voice
If you are wondering how things have changed, check out the 2016 year in review.

My Year in Review

I always find it interesting to look back at which posts and videos has the most views and engagement. Sometimes it's surprising (my top Tweet is about retirement of the YouTube Annotations editor), other times, not so much (post with a cute baby photo gets a ton of +1s).

Here are my top posts, videos and tweets of 2017.

Me on YouTube

Subscribers: increased from 460 to 1189 (Thank you subs!)
Top videos posted in 2017 (by watch time)
Me on Blogger
Subscribe to my feed

Top articles posted in 2017 (by views)
Me on Google+

Profile followers: decreased from 910,425 to 908,103
Top Collection: Video Creator Tips & Updates
  • Collection followers: increased from 1,124,641 to 1,214,557 (includes profile followers)
  • Direct Collection followers increased from 214,216 to 306,454
My top post post on Google+

Top Google+ Posts (by comments)
Top Google+ Posts (by reshares)
Top Google+ Posts (by +1s)
Me on Twitter

Followers: increased from 435 to 626
Top Tweets (by impressions)
Top Tweets (by engagements)


More best of 2017

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