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Weekly Update - December 31, 2016: Happy new year!

Happy New Year readers! I know this is posted a day late, but the upates are through the end of 2016.

I've posted my yearly reviews of the different Google products I follow, so if you want an overview of the year, that's the place to start:

The big themes: better communication from the different Google support teams (YouTube, AdSense),  re-designed interfaces (Google+, AdSense, Blogger, YouTube), benefits for Creators (YouTube and Google+) and finally, products finding the own way after Google+'s pivot (YouTube, Blogger, Hangouts, and yes, Google+ itself).

There weren't many updates this week, but there are still some tips for webmasters, Google+ers, YouTubers, Android fans, live broadcasters and more.

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  • January 4: Free webinar: learn Google Calendar from an expert

YouTube and Video Creators

  • Special YouTube features for Nonprofits: donation tools, production space (Google Blog)
  • Vimeo shows you how to make an eye-catching cover video for your channel (Vimeo blog)

Live Broadcasting


  • Share your holiday activities with Google+ by using #HolidayPlus ! (Google+)
  • The Google+ Create Program: 2016 Retrospective (Sophie Bonnet)
  • Why I love Google+: it's about the content and personal connections (Me, via Nina Trankova)

Other social media

Google For Businesses

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Free up space on your phone without losing a photo using Google Photos (Google UK)

Bloggers and Webmasters



  • Use Google Slides to create stop motion animation (Ms Drasby)
  • Windows 10 Insiders special feature: Green screen of death, rather than that boring BSOD (The Verge)

Hangouts and Mobile Messaging

  • Facebook has been taking on Snapchat, one feature at a time (Recode)


Account Security and Privacy

Around the internet

2016 Weekly Update - happy 2017!

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