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Weekly Update - January 14, 2017: YouTube, Google+, Hangouts and more

My top updates this week:
  • YouTube introduces Super Chat fan payments in live chats and highlights creators “On the Rise”
  • Google+ is using machine learning (RAISR) to significantly - but hopefully imperceptibly - reduce image size and bandwith
  • Hangouts has streamlined group chat creation
Plus more updates and tips for YouTube, Google+, webmasters, AdSense publishers, maps users and much more.

Image: Garish (2007) By aussiegall from sydney, Australia (Garish) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


  • 18 January: Free webinar: Blogger, beyond text with me! 
  • 23 January: Deadline to enter the Elton John: The Cut contest
  • 31 January: YouTube Super Chat launches broadly 
  • 28 February: YouTube Fan Funding retired
  • 25 April: Most Hangouts video call apps will be retired

YouTube and Video Creation

  • YouTube says hello to live Super Chat payments, goodbye to Fan Funding (YouTube Blog)
  • YouTube highlighting creators and artists who are “On The Rise” in a new section of our Trending Tab (YouTube Creators)
  • Create an official music video for Elton John (The Cut, YouTube Creators)
  • Download your Vine videos and captions before January 17! (Krishna De)
  • Screen recording and video editing on the Android Pixel: YouTube Gaming + Adobe Premiere Clip (me)
  • Add visual effects and music to your video when you upload with the YouTube Android app (me)
  • Over 50% of YouTube’s Audience is Female (Think with Google)
  • PornHub 2016 stats: 64 million visits per day, 99GB streamed every second, new top search term: Overwatch (Porn Hub)
  • Holy Foley! A history of audio effects (Vimeo)

Go Live

  • YouTube says hello to live Super Chat payments in live chats (YouTube Blog)
  • Facebook Live updates: video page permalink, go live via web browser, add a Live Contributor and more (Facebook Media Blog)
  • NEW - Customise your captions for your Facebook videos and Facebook Live replays (Krishna De)

Google+ and Spaces

  • Google+ iOS update: fast and easy YouTube video posting (Michael Wattendorf)
  • Google+ uses machine learning RAISR to provide up to 75% bandwith savings per image served (John Nack)
  • What makes a comment great? (Rand Fishkin)
  • Google+ Community Managers Guide (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Guide: Creating High Quality Google+ Collections (Luke Wroblewski)
  • This month on Google+ (Google+)
  • Google+ Create em Portugu√™s 2016 (Carolina Liu)

Other social media

Google Photos and Mobile Photography

  • Straighten your photo horizon with Google Photos (Geeks on Tour)

Google for businesses

  • Google My Business testing basic website builder for small businesses in India and Australia (Mike Blumenthal)

Bloggers and Webmasters

AdSense and advertising

Hangouts and Messaging

Nexus, Pixel, Android, Project Fi


Privacy and Security

More around the web

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