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Blogger tip: Insert an image from Google+ or Hangouts into a post

Note: when consumer Google+ shuts down on April 2, 2019, the Google+ Photos from Posts album in Album Archive will be deleted. If you have photos in Google+ Photos from Posts, be sure to download a backup before April 2, 2019

Note: Album Archive will be shut down on July 19, 2023. At that time all old Hangouts images in Album Archive will also be deleted.
Blogger will only have the option to insert images from your Google Photos or your blogs. 

One of the advantages of using Blogger is that it's part of the Google ecosystem. You can easily insert any image uploaded through your Google account into a Blogger blog post, including images you have shared on Google+ or in a Hangouts chat.

Blogger can access any image in your Google Album Archive, which includes all images uploaded to Google through Google Photos, Google+, Hangouts, Blogger, Google Drive and other Google services (Learn more about Album Archive).

How to insert an image shared to Google+ or Hangouts into a Blogger blog post

1. Sign in to Blogger with the same Google account you use to sign in to Google+ or Hangouts

2. Open the Blogger post editor and click the Insert Image icon

3. On the Add Images options window,  select the From Google Album Archive tab

4. To insert an image you shared in a Hangout chat, click on the Hangout name, then the image to insert

Each Hangout chat has a separate album, titled Hangout: [name]

You will only be able to see an insert images that you shared in the chat, not anyone else's images.

5. To insert an image you shared on Google+, click Photos from Posts

Images are arranged in chronological order by upload date.

6. Click on an image to select then click the blue Add Selected button to insert the image into your blog post.

Watch the video showing how to insert images from Google+ and Hangouts into your Blogger blog post

Learn more about how insert photos and videos into a Blogger blog post in the Blogger Help Center.

For more tips on how to go beyond plain text in your Blogger blog post, watch my free webinar: Blogger: Beyond Text with Michael Daniels.

Updated March 2019 to remove links to Google+