Saturday, October 1, 2016

Weekly Update - October 1, 2016: The Keyword, G Suite, Google for India, #TCMeetups2016

This week’s top Google updates:
Plus there are more updates and tips for YouTube, live streaming, Google+, Photos, Blogger, webmasters, Hangouts & messaging, Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Maps and more!

This week I also attended the Google Top Contributor Program Meetup (#TCMeetups2016) in Mountain View. Check out the photos on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. (You can see the YouTube RSs & TCs here)

Image: Google Top Contributor Program Meetup Cupcakes! Interested in the Top Contributor program? Check it out!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekly Update - September 24, 2016: YouTube Heroes, Google+ in Google Apps, Allo

This week’s top updates:
  • YouTube Heroes program announced
  • Google Allo launches
  • Google+ becomes a core Google Apps for Work Service
Plus Google Trips, Google - and Bing! - get AMP’d, Yahoo's 2014 security breach, and more tips and updates for Hangouts, YouTube, Google+, Blogger, AdSense, Google Maps, Google Docs & Slides, and more.

Image: It’s officially autumn: the air is crisper, the leaves are changing and YouTubers are freaking out ... Painting "Autumn Leaves" by Sarah Jane Prentiss (1823-1877), public domain

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekly Update - September 17, 2016: YouTube Community, Google+ Scheduling, Cardboard Camera

My favorite updates this week:
  • YouTube introduced the new “Community” tab (on a limited number of channels)
  • You can now use social media management services like Hootsuite to schedule posts to Google+ Profiles
  • The Google Cardboard Camera app now lets you share your VR Images
Plus there are updates and tips for YouTube Analytics, Local Business owners, live streaming, AdSense, Google Photos, Gmail, Outlook and more. 

Other topics I'm following: 
  • Do Facebook's automated spam filters and removal of flagged content amount to censorship? (see "Other social media")
  • AdBlock Plus now sells ads  (see "AdSense and advertising")
  • Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger as app platforms (see "Hangouts and Messaging")
  • The EU's proposed changes to copyright law - good, bad, terrible? (See "More around the web")
Image: Illustration by Ethel Franklin Betts for The Orphant Annie Book by James Whitcomb Riley (1908), in honor of all the storytellers on YouTube and Google+. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Update - September 10, 2016: Hangouts, Google+, Apple

New this week: 
  • Apple announced the iPhone 7 - goodbye headphone jack! Plus there is a new Apple Watch, Super Mario and Pokemon and iOS10 coming soon.
  • You can now opt in to the new Hangout Chrome Extension experience, which is much like the Hangouts app. Note that everyone will be updated October 17th.
  • Google+ had multiple updates for the new web interface, including Chrome notifications, related Community suggestions and improved search auto-complete.
  • On Monday, September 12th Hangouts on Air will be moved to YouTube Live Events, so this is your last chance to run a HOA from Google+
Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube, Google+, Live Streaming, Bloggers and Webmasters, AdSense, Local Business Owners, Map users and much more!

Image: We’re heading into apple season - both the fruit and electronic kind. The image is a detail from Levi Wells Prentice’s Harvest

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weekly Update - September 3, 2016: New Google+, YouTube Monetization, Live streaming

This week was all about Google+ and YouTube (but not together, of course).

First off, the new Google+ is now the default web experience, with the option to switch back to Classic Google+ for the time being. To sweeten the deal there are several new features: images and links in comments, web notification center, and community moderators can now choose to hold posts for review.

Meanwhile, YouTube started notifying Partners with videos that are not “advertiser-friendly”. Despite the fact that this only affects the ability to monetize those videos videos, and the cited policies are well over a year old, YouTubers were upset by this “new” policy.

Also this week: YouTube Gaming turned one, Google Brand Accounts for YouTube and Google+ can have multiple owners, you can schedule in YouTube Live Stream Now, Twitter offers a monetization program, Snapseed got more editing tools, and more.

About Me: Why I’m a Google Top Contributor

Image: Welcome to the new Google+!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Update - August 27, 2016: Nougat, Nexus, Live and more

The big news this week: Android 7.0 Nougat started rolling out. Plus Nexus devices will get WiFi Assistant - formerly a Project Fi-only feature.

Plus there are tips and updates for YouTube video watchers, live streamers, photographers, business owners, webmasters, Hangouts chatters, Project Fi-ers and more.

Image: Happy 100th birthday US National Park Service! Check out the 360-degree views of National Parks at Google Arts & Culture. The post image is from a United Airlines poster (no known copyright restrictions) uploaded to Flickr by the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

YouTube Partners and AdSense Publishers: keep your content advertiser-friendly

Why isn't my video eligible for monetization? Why was ad serving disabled to my blog? Why can't I show ads on my content?

Whether you are monetizing your YouTube channel, or using AdSense on your website or blog, you need to make sure you keep your content in compliance with the AdSense and YouTube content policies.

It's easy to run ads - you choose the ad types and place the ad units, and Google decides which ads display, collects money from the advertisers and pays you your share. The system is largely automated, with an ad auction that selects the best paying and most relevant ads for your website or YouTube videos. Since advertisers aren't usually selecting which websites or videos their ads will appear on, Google has to be able to assure them that their ads will not appear with content that is not "advertiser-friendly".

As a YouTube Partner or AdSense Publisher, it's your responsibility to understand the policies and make sure your content complies. And that means there are some types of content you cannot publish if you want ads to display. While it may feel unfair, those are the terms you agreed to.

If you are a YouTube Partner, you should be aware that the advertiser-friendly content guidelines for monetization are stricter than the general Community Guidelines. Age-restricted videos and content prohibited by the Community Guidelines cannot be monetized.

And if you have your own website or blog with AdSense ads, you must follow AdSense for Content policies as well. As AdSense puts it:

Publishers are responsible for every page on which their ad code appears and for screening any text, images, videos, or other media which will appear on a page with Google ads.
And it's not just content on your own site - promotion of prohibited content includes providing links to sites that do not follow AdSense content policies.

What happens if you don't comply? Ads may stop appearing on your website or on your video - or your entire AdSense account could be disabled.

Content that is not advertiser-friendly may include:

  • Pornography, sexually suggestive or non-family safe content
  • Violence and tragedy
  • Inappropriate language, harassment or content that advocates against an individual or organization
  • Drugs, tobacco, alcohol and regulated substances
  • Weapons-related content
  • Spam, scams and illegal content

Read on for links to more information and how to resolve content issues.