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Year in Review 2017: Google and Your Photos

Google has been innovating with new software and hardware tricks and features for photos, and - especially - using machine learning to improve image recognition, enhancement and sharing.

In 2017 Google Photos launched a number of updates that make it more fun for casual photo sharers, like the ability to recognize your cat or dog's face, easier sharing, and photo books.

And Google Camera is getting smarter. On Pixel Phones you can access the new Google Lens option, which can tell you more about the business or landmark you’re looking at, or even take actions, like add a phone number in an image to your contacts.
Comic-style Storyboard created from a recent video
While Google Photos is designed for sharing with family and friends, Google also provides cool tools and updates for Creators, the folks who go beyond simple snapshots, and who share their photos and videos publicly.

Here are my top 2017 updates:
I'm sure that in 2018 we'll see more creative and fun image creation and editing tools from Google. And hopefully some of the experimental features will be incorporated into Google Camera and Google Photos.

Top Tips and Tutorials for Google Photos and Camera


  1. how do I get extract the video and audio files that are added to another video ?


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