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Week in Review - August 8, 2015: YouTube Player, Plus for G+, Android Security Updates

This week YouTube launched their new video player, stopped freezing views at 301+, and stopped displaying comment updates under the Bell icon.  Olivier Jobert shared the unofficial "Plus for Google+" Chrome extension  that brings back a few retired Google+ features.  Google, Samsung, LG and Motorola announced regular security updates for their Android devices (goodbye Stagefright security bug).

There were also big changes in Local search results, AdSense introduces a new richer text ad, and you can now share from the Android Slides app to a Hangouts video call.  There are also tips and tricks for Google+, YouTube, Maps, Blogger and more.

Dive in!

Image: Clarice Beckett - Beach Scene 1932 (now in the public domain)


Local Businesses on Google

Google Photos


    Live Broadcasting

    Hangouts and Mobile Chat



    1. Thank you for these round-ups every week, Peggy! You make my job a lot easier. :)

    2. Happy to share! The secret us that I started doing it for myself, to keep a catalog of updates and tips, so it's nice to hear when other people find it useful too.

    3. Happy to share! The secret us that I started doing it for myself, to keep a catalog of updates and tips, so it's nice to hear when other people find it useful too.

    4. Hi Peggy K, only you can help us. All of my channels, and many others have Monetization disabled. We didn't receive ANY MAILS about it. Adsense accounts works properly. Accounts are good standing. All of videos for example on this account

      are my own property -> I won dispute with Polsat television of Poland and UFC when they report my videos as theirs. Please help me cuz it seems like another Youtube bug and we as partners lose on it cuz we lose money which we can't earn. Moreover if nothing will change we lose many good channels which cost us a lot of work.

      I've tried to send feedback what was a solution from youtube but nobody answer the question why we lose monetization.

      I've never break up youtube/google/adsense policy.

      If you can Please help me and other youtube partners. You can see on youtube products forum that there are thousands of us who have the same problem. Can you ask youtube about it?


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