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YouTube Android app update: "Profile Cards" linked from comments

If you are using the YouTube Android app, you can now tap a commenter's icon to see their Profile Card. The Profile Card displays public information about commenter's channel, recent comments they posted, and their public subscriptions.

While it makes it easy to see information about other channels, keep in mind it also makes it easier to see information about your channel when you post a comment.

It's a good idea to be aware of what it looks like when someone views information about your channel. Even though only public information is displayed, your other comments and recent subscriptions are very visible. 
All about me, when viewed on my own channel.Scroll down to compare to my profile when viewed on another channel.

The Profile Card may show:
  • The channel name, channel icon and channel art.
  • How long ago the channel was created.
  • Number of subscribers. (You can disable display of subscriber counts)
  • How many comments they posted on the channel being viewed, and how many of those comments got a ❤.
  • Whether the commenter subscribes to the channel being viewed. 
  • Recent comments they posted on the channel being viewed, with links to those comments. Note that this does not show replies to other people's comments. Some comments may be listed, but not visible, for example if the comment was on a video made for kids that now has comments disabled. 
  • Their public subscriptions, the most recent first.  (You can make your subscriptions private.)
  • A link to view the channel.
There is also a prominent SUBSCRIBE button near the top of the screen. That makes this an opportunity to gain subscribers by posting interesting or insightful comments.

It's also a way to learn about commenters: are they a newbie or old-timer? regular commenter or first time poster? if they posted a nasty comment, was it a one-time thing? or are they spammers? or trolls?    

Read on for instructions on how to view information about channel commenters in the YouTube Android app. 

And if you are uncomfortable about the visibility of your subscriptions, learn how to make your subscriptions private.

How to view a YouTube commenter's Profile Card

It just takes a few taps to see more information about a commenter. The screenshots are what someone else sees when they tap one of my comments on my test channel.

1. Open a video in the YouTube Android app and start reading the comments (really).

2. If you read a comment that sparks your interest in the commenter, tap their channel icon.

3. Public information about the channel will appear, including number of comments on the channel, recent comments on the channel and subscriptions.
4. Tap a link to a recent comment to read it, tap ALL next to Subscriptions to see the full subscription list, or tap VIEW CHANNEL to see their channel.

Make your YouTube Subscriptions Private

As you can see from the screenshots, the channels I have subscribed to recently are prominently displayed. If that seems too intrusive, you may want to make your subscriptions private.

On desktop you can change the subscription privacy setting on your channel's Account Privacy settings page:

To change the setting on Android, follow these instructions:

(Note: Liked videos can no longer be public, so that setting has been removed)

1. In the YouTube Android app, tap your channel icon at top right.

2. Tap Your Channel
3. When your channel opens, tap the gear icon to the right of your channel name.
4. Toggle the switch to enable "Keep all my subscriptions private."

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