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Weekly Update - May 11, 2019: Google I/O, Accessibility, Search, Home

Happy Mother’s day to all you moms! I hope your loving children get you something nice, like a bouquet of flowers or a new Pixel 3a. This week was Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference. Google announced new hardware, app features, upcoming changes to Android, and updates related to the Google ecosystem, including Search and Google Assistant. This year’s theme was “getting things done”, “for everyone” with an emphasis on accessibility, privacy and security. And there were updates webmasters, podcasters and other creative folks.

Read on for an overview of my top announcements this week. Be sure to also see all the links below for detailed information. And, of course, there are more updates outside of Google I/O for video creators, webmasters and more.
Read on for more updates and tips for YouTubers, webmasters, advertisers, Android device owners and more.

Google I/O ‘19 Overviews

Google Search and Assistant

Android Q

Updates for Android App Developers

Privacy, Security, and Family Controls

Made By Google and Google Home


Chrome, Chrome OS, and the web

Bloggers and Webmasters

Ads and Advertising

Google And Your Business

YouTube and Video Creation

Google Photos and Photo Sharing

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Hangouts, Meetings and Messaging


More around the web

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