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YouTube Gaming app shuts down May 30

YouTube Gaming launched with great fanfare nearly four years ago, in June 2015. The YouTube Gaming app and site were organized around game play content, especially live streams, and launched features like dark mode, Super Chat and channel Memberships. Many of those features were incorporated into YouTube proper, and, last September, YouTube announced they created a new home for gaming content on YouTube itself, at and would be shutting down the YouTube Gaming app.

That time has come, and the YouTube Gaming app will stop working on May 30.

Why shut it down? YouTube says it's about reaching a larger audience:
We have a strong and vibrant audience on the YouTube Gaming app, but the amount of gamers we are able to reach is far bigger on YouTube. After all, YouTube is where more than 200 million gamers come to engage with your favorite games and creators every day, watching over 50 billion hours of gaming content in the last 12 months alone.
Your YouTube Gaming Subscriptions Merged with your YouTube Subscriptions

If you had channel subscriptions in YouTube Gaming, those have been merged with your main YouTube subscriptions. If this affects your channel, you should see a message on your Subscriptions Tab. You can view and manage all your subscriptions in the YouTube Subscriptions Manager.

Note: It’s not possible to transfer the games you’ve saved in YouTube Gaming to YouTube. YouTube says they are "exploring better ways to organize your game interests on YouTube."

YouTube Gaming Channel Memberships Transferred to YouTube

Your YouTube Gaming channel memberships will transfer to YouTube if the channel owner sets up Memberships. If the channel owner does not enable Memberships on their YouTube channel, YouTube will cancel your membership and refund your last month's membership fee.

If you are a YouTube creator who had Memberships enabled in YouTube Gaming, you should have received an email from YouTube confirming your eligibility. If your channel is eligible you should see the feature at

Note that for channels that did not have Memberships enabled in YouTube Gaming, the current eligibility requirements include:

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