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Week in Review - May 21, 2016: Google I/O

This week was Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, where major updates are announced. This year was no exception, with the launch of Spaces and the announcement of Google Smart Assistant, messaging apps Allo and Duo, VR platform Daydream, Android N updates and much much more.

Major announcements and launches (official blog posts)

Google I/O 2016 Presentations

(read on for more links, tips and updates)

Google Smart Assistant

Google Spaces

  • Introducing Spaces, a tool for small group sharing (Official Google Blog)
  • Luke Wroblewski’s Spaces Updates Collection has all the updates
  • What’s the difference between Google+ Communities and Google Spaces? Read the discussions in the posts by Googlers Luke Wroblewski, Amber Yust and Sage LaTorra
    LW: Google+ is an open, primarily public place for people to connect around shared interests. We've stated this publicly and continue to execute on this vision [...] Spaces is for small group, almost ad hoc sharing: buying a car, planning a trip, sharing music recommendations with a few folks. Different needs, different solutions
    AY: it's essentially a lightweight group sharing space. Useful for short-term groups etc where setting up something more heavyweight (like a G+ community) wouldn't be worth the time investment. Sharing is all link-based, which means looser ACL [access control lists] guarantees but easier sharing.
  • YouTube integration in the new Google Spaces on Android (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip How to disable Google Spaces notifications under the bell
  • Tip Google Spaces 404 (Robert Wallis)


  • Google+ Web Preview update: Polls! (and more) (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Google+ Android Update 7.9.0 (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Tip Share your Google+ Collection to Twitter or Facebook (Sooraj Wadhwa)


  • YouTube VR app for Daydream, and Jump at YouTube Spaces! (YouTube blog)
  • Watch any YouTube video with Cardboard on iOS and Android (Google Cardboard)
  • YouTube integration in the new Google Spaces on Android (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Australia and New Zealand: Meet YouTube Red and YouTube Music (Google Australia blog)

Live Streaming

  • Tip Hangouts Lower Third not showing? There's a work-around! (Hangout Toolbox)
  • Tip Embed a Hangout on Air or YouTube livestream and live chat on your blog or website
  • New Twitter adds "Go Live" button in Android app (The Verge)

Google Photos

Virtual Reality

Blogger and Webmasters

  • New Rich cards: new Google Search result format for Movies & Recipes (Google Webmasters blog)
  • Update New Google Search Console option lets you look at how your AMP pages are doing in Search (Google Webmasters)
  • New Goodbye Flash: Chrome will disable Flash by default by the end of the year (Chromium-dev and Ars Technica)
  • Tip English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout (recording)
  • Tip Blogger material design and updates?
  • Tip Manage your Blogger blog's Google+ settings for profile, comments and sharing (my blog post)
  • Tip Embed a Hangout on Air or YouTube livestream and live chat on your blog or website

Firebase Analytics

AdWords (for advertisers)

AdSense and AdMob (for website and app publishers)

Hangouts, Allo, Duo, mobile communications


Android + Chrome OS

Productivity (email, docs, maps and more)

More social media updates

Updated March 2019 to remove Google+ links


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