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Week in Review - May 7, 2016: Blogger, Slides, Google+ & more

This week all Blogger blogs had HTTPS enabled, Google Slides added an audience Q&A option, Google+ mobile apps were updated, YouTube mobile apps got autoplay, and AdSense explained how it prevents accidental clicks and answered questions about Matched Content.

Plus there are tips and updates for live streamers, video creators, webmasters, local business owners and more!

Make your mom smile!

YouTube and Video Creators

Live Broadcasting


  • Update G+ iOS app update 5.5.0: manage circles, swipe between posts, multiple account notifications (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update G+ Android update 7.8.0: quick access to Photos, Hangouts; new posts indicator back at the bottom of the screen (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Update Happy 1st Birthday Google+ Collections! (Google+)
  • Tip G+ Community owners and mods: try the Community Meter extension to get stats for your community (Olivier Jobert)
  • Tip Google+ power users: desktop keyboard shortcuts save you time (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Tip Heads up! The link shortener is down - if that's your G+ link shortener, update your links (Dylan Cuffy)

Local Businesses

  • Tip Get your small business online - attend a free workshop and get a free website!
  • Update Google My Business updates for April - if you have a local business check it out! (Priya Chandra)

Blogger and Webmasters

  • New HTTPS now enabled on all blogspot domain blogs (Blogger blog)
  • Tip Private Blogger blogs aren't compatible with Google+ Comments or Dynamic templates (Chuck Croll)
  • Article How we fought webspam in 2015 (Google Webmasters Blog)
  • Update Google takes action against sites with sneaky redirects (Google Webmasters)
  • New UTM Attribution is the digital marketing philosopher's stone (David Kutcher)


  • Update How AdSense works to prevent accidental clicks on mobile ads (Inside AdSense blog)
  • Tip Matched content: designed to engage your users and increase visitor (Inside AdSense blog)
  • Hangouts and Mobile communication
  • New! Google Slides Q&A and present to Hangouts from your iPhone (Google Docs blog)
  • Article Project Fi, Hangouts and the New Wireless Order (Wired)
  • Account Security
  • Online security doesn’t have to be a battlefield - multi-factor authentication FTW! (World Password Day)


And more:

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