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Week in Review - March 21, 2015: YouTube Cards, move your channel, Google Now Hangouts messages

Spring has sprung! Lots of updates this week, along with articles and tips for YouTube, Google+, Photos, Hangouts, Blogger, AdSense and more.  Subscribe to PeggyK's Weekly Update by Email



  • Are you an (inadvertent) notifications spammer on Google+? 
  • How to leave a Google+ Community using a mobile device (Jaana Nyström)
  • The ins and outs of sharing with Public (John Skeats)
  • Shared circles: think twice before getting involved (John Skeats)


  • The Google+ "Photos from Posts" album: what it is and how to manage it (Jaana Nyström)
  • Having trouble changing your Google+ Profile Photo or YouTube Channel Avatar? Try this trick (Jaana Nyström)
  • Google's image recognition technology lets you find photos by searching for the subject! (Jaana Nyström)
  • Unsplash: free high resolution images you can use for anything


Blogger and websites


More Google tips

  • Is your Google account secure? Take a few minutes today to review Google's security recommendations (Alex Garcia)
  • Google Summer of Code now open for student applications
  • Google Data tools - Download your data with Google Takeout (Google+ Top Contributors)
  • Check your Google Storage: Photos, Gmail, Google Drive (Jaana Nyström)
  • A guide to Google Tools: Hacks and tips for Google Search, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail  (Google+ Top Contributors)

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