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Blogger Pages Gadget: Add a menu to your blog

The Blogger Pages gadget lets you add a list of links to your blog's static Pages, dynamic content or external websites. You can use the Pages gadget to add a menu at the top of your blog.

+Blogger recently changed the way blog Pages are managed. Blogger has always offered two different options: create a static Page with your own content, or create a Page that redirects to a page with dynamic content or an external web address.

While management of static Pages with your own content is much simpler now, it's a bit more complicated to add a Page that's simply a link. But the option hasn't disappeared!

Now Link Pages are managed through the Pages gadget in your blog's Layout.

What type of links can you add?

  • your blog's static Pages
  • your blog's dynamic content (such as all posts with a particular label)
  • your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, ReverbNation profile or other social media site
  • your Cafe Press or Zazzle store
  • any other external website you want to point your blog's visitors to

You can also use the Pages gadget to add a navigation menu to your Blogger blog.

Add and Configure your blog's Pages gadget

To manage your Blogger Pages that you've created yourself, simply click the "Pages" link in your blog's left menu. You will see a list of your blog's Pages, with the option to edit or add a new Page.

But missing from the options is the ability to create a Page that is just a link to your blog's dynamic content or to a different site.  To do that, you need to go to your blog's Layout.

If you've already added a Pages gadget, click the option to edit it.

Otherwise, you'll need to add a Pages gadget to your blog's layout. Click "Add a Gadget"

From the gadget list, select Pages:


That will open the Page gadget for you to configure.  You will see a list of all your currently published Pages, which you can rearrange.

To add a Page that is a redirect to a specific link, click the +Add a link page Add External Link  option.

That will open the "Web Address" window where you can name the Page and enter the link URL.

Once you have saved the link, you will see the new Page listed in your Pages gadget. Drag the list entries to reorder them.

Once you've configured the list the way you want, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Pages gadget.

Importantly, your new Link Page will not show on the Pages tab for your blog. It will only appear in the Pages gadget.  

There also isn't any option to edit the link or title. Instead you have to add a new Link Page and remove the outdated one, again through your Page gadget's options.

And if you delete the Page gadget, you'll have to re-add all the Link Pages to a new gadget.

What sort of links can you to add?  

Static blog Pages

You can create static Pages on your blog with information about your blog, contact information, items for sale, or any other content that is more "permanent" than a post.

Dynamic content from your blog

You can add link to one of your blog's label pages or other dynamic content. For example, this is the URL for this blog's page of posts labeled "Blogger", which is updated every time I publish a new post with that label:

You can also link to one of your blog's most important or popular posts

Social media profiles or other websites

You can link to your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, ReverbNation profile or Zazzle store - any other site you would like to direct your blog's readers to.

Once you have created your Pages gadget, you can use it to create a menu across the top of your blog. All you need to do is to add or move the gadget under your Blog's header.

The exact look of the menu depends on your Blogger template. Here is how it looks on this blog right now:

Updated 3/14/15
Posted by Peggy K


  1. Does this new way of managing pages work for dynamic templates? It seems like it does not... on my blog, my previous 'link pages' still appear, and any new ones that I add using the page gadget do not appear. I have no way to modify or add link pages now. Help!

    1. Hi Jonathan. There have been other reports of problems with the Pages gadget on dynamic templates, especially if you are trying to add more than than one Pages gadget to your blog. See the discussion here in the Blogger help forum:!topic/blogger/IBsAixQ0cPI

    2. Clickable link to the Blogger help forum discussion
      Note that if that discussion doesn't seem to apply to your issue, it's best to post a new question in the Blogger help forum, rather than adding your question to the existing discussion.

    3. thanks! hope i can solve it :S

  2. Great post! very useful! Now I can have all my posts about Recipes together :))) thanks

  3. Thanks for this guide. I wonder why they have made it so difficult to make a simple link to a page. Technology has moved on a bit since the days of a text editor and "a href" commands :)

  4. Thanks... Its really useful...

  5. I made my Pages widget ages ago using this process and now want to edit one of the heading I have but the option to click "Add Link Page" is not there! Help! I have tried deleting a page and seeing if it comes back but no joy. Where has it gone?

    1. HI Hannah, sorry I missed your question before. You can now "Add External Link" in the Pages gadget, which should be the same as the old "Add Link Page"

  6. I have the same problem like Hannath.Google has done some modification on Page settings recently and after that 'Add Link Page' is not available anymore. Please suggest.

    1. Now the gadget says +Add External Link, which is the same as adding a link page.

  7. I'm new to blogger but completely perplexed, having come to it from traditional web design. I want to simply create a new page (which I've done). How would I then link to it from another section of my own blog? What this page's URL?

    1. You can find your page's URL by opening the Page in your browser and copy the URL from the address bar.

  8. Great post! I'm trying to add a "sublink" to my "external link". Do you know if this is possible? Basically, I have an old blogger site that I want to redirect all pages to my actual site (which I've figured out how to do), but is there a way to have a drop down sub link when you hover over an external link page? (Basically my entire blogspot serves to redirect to my website, but I don't want to delete it , or complete redirect the url because it has good SEO on it). -Sorry, that's probably really confusing. My blogspot is and my official website is I'd like the "About Me" link that shows up on my blogspot to have a drop-down "sublink" that redirects to Do you know how I can do this? Thanks so much!

    1. HI Esther: when I click the "About Me" link on your blog it currently does lead to . Does that mean you figured it out? or did you want it to work differently than that?

  9. I've done everything you suggested and my tabs are leading only to my home page. I've used this method before and had no trouble so I'm not sure why its not working for. For example should link to the body tab but it doesn't :(

    1. TiaRex: it looks like there is a typo in that link: The link on your tab is correct, and works for me:
      But what you've shared here has /labels/ (with an s) rather than /label/

      You can tell you have the correct link because the box at the top of the page shows "Showing posts with label [Label Name]"

  10. Thank you for this! I would just like to ask how I can create a sublink. I want to add a sublink in my "travel" link since I want to separate it from different locations. My blog is Thank you!

    1. Hi Miera, there isn't any way to make sub-categories or sub-labels under a label. People can click the location tag you added to a post (like "Bangkok" ) to see more posts with that label.


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