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Connect your YouTube Channel to Twitter

YouTube removed the option to automatically share to Twitter and Google+ on January 31, 2019.

Connect your YouTube channel to Twitter to automatically share your uploads, likes and playlist additions.

Note that as of March 2015 it is no longer possible to connect your YouTube channel to Facebook.

How to connect your YouTube channel to Twitter:

1. Sign in to your Twitter account. If you have more than one Twitter account, be sure you are signed in to the correct one.

2. In the same browser, sign in to YouTube and make sure you are switched to the correct channel. You can switch to a different channel identity at

3. Open your channel's Connected Account settings ( by going to Settings > Connected Accounts

4. Click the blue "Connect" button

5. A window will pop up and prompt you to authorize the connection to Twitter

6. Once the connection is authorized, you can select what's shared automatically, including new uploads, video likes, adding a video to a public playlist, and saving a playlist.

7. Save the changes to your settings

8.  Like and upload videos, or add videos to a public playlist, and your activity will automatically post to Twitter

How to disconnect your YouTube channel from Twitter:

From YouTube:
1. Sign in to YouTube

2. Open your YouTube channel's Connected Account settings (

3. Click the Edit button next to your Twitter account information

4. Click the link to disable activity sharing and disconnect your account

From Twitter:

1. Sign in to Twitter

2. Open up your Twitter Settings > Apps (

3. Revoke Twitter's access to your Google account

Updated April 2017