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Week in Review - March 28, 2015: Support Local Business, Live Broadcasting apps, Big Blog images

This week's top updates, tips, articles and posts for YouTube Creators, Bloggers, Webmasters, Live Broadcasters, Local Business owners, and people living in the 21st century. Read on for all this week's highlights.


  • Connect your YouTube channel to Twitter (but not Facebook)  (Google+ discussion of my post here)
  • YouTube Creators: find free music and images to use in your video even commercially!
  • YouTube Creators: customize your channel to display playlists and highlight other channels
  • Three ways to keep people from unsubscribing from your YouTube channel (Tim Schmoyer @ Video Creators) 
  • Would you pay to see videos from your favorite YouTube stars before everyone else? Vessel may be for you!

Live Video Broadcasting

  • Overview of Meerkat for Live Streaming on Twitter and Automate the saving of your Meerkat live stream to YouTube using Katchkat (Krishna De)
  • Twitter's Live Broadcasting app Periscope now available for iOS
  • Rumor: YouTube taking on Twitch with emphasis on gaming live broadcasts. YouTube's response? An animated GIF.


  • Looking for help on Google+? Help us to help you (Kamal Tailor)
  • Notification Basics: how to read and respond to your Google+ and YouTube comment notifications (Carol Dodsley)

Local Business

  • Support your Local Businesses: send a postcard highlighting the local businesses you love!
  • Local business owner? Get your business on the map!

Bloggers and Webmasters

  • Blogger tip: make sure your blog post has an image at least 400 pixels wide for Google+ to show a full-bleed image instead of a small thumbnail when you share the link
  • Q&A Session for Google's upcoming mobile-friendly ranking change
  • Is that shiny badge on your website promoting your competitors?
  • YouTube Playlist without Google: Create a YouTube Playlist to embed on your website without signing in (Amit Agarwal)
  • Do you display the Navbar at the top of your Blogger blog? (Carol Dodsley)


  • Export your Google Keep notes to Google Docs to expand and edit them


  • AdSense Publishers: increase your earnings by focusing on the Long-term Revenue Framework
  • AdSense-related highlights of the FTC Staff Report on Google & Antitrust issues: 10 sites represent 80% of AdSense traffic, use of exclusivity and preferential treatment agreements, lack of alternatives for publishers (sorry Bing ads), and declining revenues

Account Security & Management

  • Is your Google account secure? Check your account activity! (Jaana Nystrom)
  • Back up your Chrome bookmarks, passwords, history and settings (WC Blitzy)

This 21st century life

  • Pervasive, persuasive technology: smart enough to exploit human nature
  • Putting women on the map: SPARK is has created a database of locations where women have made history to Google Field Trip. When you are near, you'll be notified.
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