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Weekly Update - March 25, 2017: Blogger, Ads on YouTube, Hangouts and more

Lots new in the Googleverse this week!
Blogger introduced 4 new modern template themes. I used the Notable theme to give this blog a new look. If you want to give one of them a try, it’s easy to switch!Google continued to be under fire from advertisers whose ads appeared with “extremist” content. Despite assurances from Google and YouTube that practices would be improved, big advertisers in the UK and US pulled millions of advertising dollars. And it’s not clear how much the changes will affect Creators.Google continues to refine its messaging strategy. SMS will be removed from Google Hangouts (except for Google Voice and Project Fi) and Google Talk will finally be completely retiredGoogle Photo was updated for faster backup and sharing, especially when you have a poor internet connection Snapseed got some nice new features, including Double Exposure and Face PoseReal-time location sharing is coming back to Google Maps. Plus there are tips and updates for Webmasters, Live Streamer…

New name, new look - same great content!

Hey there reader! You may have noticed the blog's new name and layout. This is no longer the "YouTube - Google+ Integration" blog. Instead it's "Peggy K's Tips & Tricks (for Creators, Collectors and Curators)".

It was longlong overdue for a change. My posts haven't been exclusively about YouTube integration with Google+ for a long long time, and now that integration has largely been undone.

What's different? 

A new header that better reflects the content of the blog.
A new template. I'm using a customized version of the new Blogger "Notable" theme. It's designed to "adjust to any screen" and load quickly.

Gadget spring cleaning. My old sidebar had gotten a bit cluttered with gadgets that were out of date.

Blogger comments only.  I had been using comment code from blogger xpertise that let you choose between standard Blogger Comments and Google+ Comments. However, I get few comments overall, and almost all of them are …

Weekly Update - March 18, 2017: Advertiser-friendliness, Family Link, YouTube

The top stories in the Googleverse this week:
The new Google Family Link app helps you control what your kids can access on their phoneGoogle was “under fire for posting UK government ads on YouTube hate videos”. In a quick response, Google announced they will be giving advertisers more control over where ads appear on YouTube and the Google Display NetworkYouTube announced the Annotations editor will be retired May 2Google Voice got a nice update on Android and web Plus there are updates and tips for webmasters, bloggers, live streamers, Google+ers, YouTubers and more.

Image: Four leaf clover by KEBman on Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Weekly Update - March 11, 2017: Google+, Hangouts, Google Cloud

This week was Google Cloud Next ‘17, with presentations and announcements for both Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. While the focus is on updates for businesses, many of the updates will apply to us regular consumers as well.

Check out 100 Announcements from Google Cloud Next ‘17 and Powering enterprise productivity and secure collaboration with major updates to G suite.

My top updates this week:

Introducing the new Hangouts Meet and Hangouts ChatTransforming company culture with Google+ for G Suite: 2017 Road mapGoogle+ gets a new notification bellGoogle+ Create Turns OneYouTube Community Contributions lets viewers help translate your video titles and descriptions
And a bonus for college basketball fans:

March Madness 2017 in Google Sheets!
Plus updates and tips for YouTube, Google+, GBoard, Google Photos, Webmasters and more.

Image: March Hares: Rabbits on a Log by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait (1897) (Public Domain)

Weekly Update - March 4, 2017: YouTube TV, Keep, Google+

This week’s big news is YouTube TV. It will offer live television on all the major networks, regional sports and many other cable network channels. Put that together with unlimited cloud DVR and availability on all your devices, and it sounds like a winner. US only though.

My top updates this week:
YouTube TV: live TV wherever you are, plus cloud DVR with no storage limits (US only)Google Keep integration with Google Docs G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFsHangouts update: Jump right back into the conversation with redesigned unread messages indicators Plus updates and tips for YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, Google+, Photos and more.

Did you miss the last few updates? Get a quick overview of the February updates for creators - Bloggers, YouTubers and Google Plussers.

Image: Composite with Hungarian televison set. ORION AT 602 - 1959 by Takkk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link,