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Weekly Update - July 24, 2021: Olympics, YouTube, AdSense

The 2020 Olympics kicked off this week in Tokyo. While I am not sure it’s a good idea they are going ahead, I am looking forward to it. I like it all, from gymnastics, to track, to horse jumping. Once every four (or five) years I watch all the sports.

Of course big tech is jumping in:
This week’s top updates:
  • AdSense has released a new version of AdSense ad code. This updated code can improve performance of ads on your site. It is optional to update the code on your site and you don’t need to take any action.
  • YouTube launched “Super Thanks”, which lets viewers say “thank you” for a video by tipping up to $50. This automatically posts a highlighted “Thanks!” comment. It is similar to Super Chats and Super Stickers for live chats, but this is only available on videos on demand. Currently it’s only available on a few monetized channels, but it should roll out more widely in the coming months. If you are a YouTube Partner, check your monetization “Supers” tab to see if it is available on your channel.
  • Any unlisted videos uploaded to YouTube before January 1, 2017 were made private on July 23. Videos uploaded after that date have URLs that are harder for people to discover, so they are more secure. This also affected unlisted playlists created under the old system. If you did not opt out, you have four options: keep the video private, switch the video back to legacy unlisted with the same URL (which is not as secure as the current URL system), make it public, or re-upload it as a new unlisted video.
  • Clubhouse, the social audio platform, is out of beta and open to everyone. Since their initial launch, Twitter, Facebook and several other platforms have launched copycat services. Will Clubhouse survive? Only time will tell.


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  • Finally! YouTube is launching the ability to translate comments in the coming weeks. It will initially only be available in the YouTube mobile app.
  • YouTube is promoting the Shorts video editor with the BTS #PermissionToDance challenge. You have until August 23 to share your video. BTS will highlight their favorites in a compilation video.

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Image: Created from Olympic rings image by robert1029 from Pixabay. Free for commercial use.