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Tangi will shut down July 30

Tangi, the experimental DIY social sharing app from Google's Area 120, will shut down on July 30th.

Tangi launched in January 2020. The platform let creators upload short tutorial videos, which viewers could try themselves, and then respond to with a "Try It". It was a neat way to encourage positive engagement and build community.

But as all Area 120 projects, it was an experiment, and ultimately most shut down. 

After July 30th, all videos and data will be deleted, the website will no longer be accessible, and the Tangi social media accounts will be removed. 

If you uploaded videos or "Try Its" to Tangi, you can export them at . The Android Tangi app also lets you download individual videos. 

I uploaded some videos to Tangi and I liked the premise, even though my tutorials didn't really fit neatly with what seemed to be mostly art, beauty, cooking and crafting content.

My Tangi Profile


It would be neat if YouTube could incorporate some of the positive social aspects, particularly for DIY content.