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Upload video directly to your Blogger blog

You don't need to publish videos on YouTube, Instagram or other site to embed them in a Blogger post. You can upload videos directly to your blog, and then manage your videos in your blog's settings. 

Why would you want to upload video directly to your blog?

  • You may not want to manage a YouTube channel or use other social media.
  • Blog post visibility can be limited to blog authors, or specific invited readers.
  • Uploaded videos must follow Blogger's Content Policy. However, Blogger allows non-commercial videos with nudity or sexual activity (with some limitations), as long as the blog is marked "Adult" in your blog settings.

This is a video I recorded and uploaded directly to this post using my phone. It took just a few minutes. 

On desktop, the player can be expanded to Theater Mode (which expands it inside the post) or Full Screen. Viewers can adjust the quality and playback speed. 

On my Android phone there is also an option to cast the video to a Chromecast device. That option may not be available on all mobile devices.

Note that there isn't any option to select or add a custom thumbnail. That's why you may be seeing a funny-looking thumbnail on my inserted vertical video. 

Watch for instructions on how to insert a video in a Blogger post on your phone: 

Read on for detailed instructions.

Upload a video to your Blogger blog

1. Sign in to Blogger and open the post editor

2. Click the Insert Video icon (you may have to scroll to the right through the buttons to find this)

3. Select Upload from computer

4. Either drag the video file into the uploader or click Choose a video to upload

If you are using a mobile device, you will also see the option to record a video with your camera. 

Click Camera Video to record a video

5. The video will upload and process, which may take a few minutes. 

You can continue writing your post as the video processes.

Adjust the dimensions of the embedded video player

You can adjust the dimensions of the embedded video player.

1. In the post editor, switch to HTML View 

2. Click the Format HTML button on the toolbar to tidy up the HTML

3. Edit the height and width of the embedded video player

When you get the embed code for a YouTube video the default is width="560" height="315" (those are the dimensions of the embedded videos at the top of this post).

Manage your Blogger videos

You can delete and download videos in your Blogger account.  

1. Sign in to Blogger and click Settings on the left menu
2. Scroll down to Manage Blog

3. Click Videos from your blog

4. On the video management page for your blog, you can either Download or Delete the videos. 

If you are signed in as an administrator, you can delete or download any blog video.  
Blog authors can only delete or download the videos they uploaded. 


  1. Peggy, this is really well done—even by your standards.

    1. Thanks Adam! I'm glad you found it helpful.

  2. Great post, Peggy. The video upload is one of Blogger's secrets. I have a website on WP, for educational purposes (Geography), but I intend to transform my blog on Blogger on the website channel, because I don't like YouTube.

    Remember that videos up to 15 minutes do not count against our amount of storage in Drive.

    1. That's a great point about shorter videos not counting towards storage!

  3. My video is mot playing evwn after changjng the sizes

  4. Is this why Blogger is no longer allowing YouTube embedded videos? All YouTube embedded videos show as unavailable. I hate to loose all my content but I am forced to change to WordPress. My blog goes along with my YouTube channel and since blogger no longer allows embedded YouTube videos I can no longer use it. I have been with blogger almost 10 years.

    1. You should be able to embed YouTube videos in your Blogger blog posts without a problem. I embed YouTube videos frequently. The second video embedded at the top of this post is a YouTube video. Are you not able to view that?
      If it's showing as unavailable, try temporarily disabling any extensions you have running, as maybe you have one that is blocking YouTube.

  5. Over 700 posts with embedded YouTube videos, that have been made and have been working over the past 9 years, now all say that the video is unavailable. Blogger has also put up an image in their place that looks very much like the image YouTube gives for deleted video. This makes it look like all my videos have been deleted. Blogger is hurting my channel. If this is not a thing that is happening to others then why are they doing it to me?
    Again these links to embedded videos have been working for 9 years and all of a sudden blogger attacks my blog and is doing active harm to my YouTube channel.
    How do I get them to fix it. I have sent multiple feedbacks to them and they do nothing.

    1. Hey Karmic Beats, were you able to figure out why your videos aren't playing for you? I checked your blog and they play for me.

  6. Hi Peggy. I am also having issues embedding videos to my blog from my computer (Mac) Everything seems to be going smoothly until they are "uploaded" and then when I click on them it says they are unavailable. When I go into settings it shows the videos but the square is grey - no image from the video. I have attempted to download the videos from this screen, and it again says they are unavailable. I have also tried uploading them in Safari (I usually use Chrome) with the same result. And I enabled popups for Blogger, to no effect. If you have any additional thoughts I would be grateful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sue, are you uploading the videos directly to Blogger? Note that when you do that it will take some time for the videos to process. Are you waiting a few hours after uploading to see if that makes a difference?

    2. Thanks for your reply, Peggy. Yes, I did upload directly to Blogger. And it's been a week and the videos are still not there. :(

    3. If you have not done so already, an you post a question with details in the official Blogger Help Community? I or another expert can help you there: (Or if you have posted there, share the link)

  7. hi peggy k
    Thaks for your video and i have a doubt regarding this in while we upload a video directly how can we add video ads in that video (ex) vast ads

  8. Can anyone set as author upload videos or just the admin? For example, if there is a class of 15 students who are all set to author, can anyone upload a video?

    1. Anyone set as author should be able to upload a video to the post, just like they can upload images.

  9. mine is not showing thumbnails

  10. Hello Ma'am.
    What if i Want to back up for my blogger stuffs like images, videos and post.
    Basically i need to modify my theme there i need to take backup of my blogger site

    1. I have a tutorial on how to backup your Blogger data here


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