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YouTube Advertiser Friendly Guidelines update: more green $ on content previously with limited ads

YouTube has updated the advertiser-friendly content guidelines so that some content that previously would have limited advertising can now be fully monetized. That includes some content with moderate profanity, showing violent interaction with law enforcement, humorous adult content, educational content on drug use, or discussion of controversial issues. 

More specifically, the following types of content may be fully monetized now: 

  • Using moderate profanity (like "shit" or "bitch") in the first 30 seconds of the video. 
  • Adult themes in a humorous context, such as dating or romance jokes with sexual innuendo.
  • Educational, documentary or news content that includes violent interactions with law enforcement. 
  • Educational, documentary or news content that includes drug-related content. It cannot "glorify" drug use.
  • "Non-graphic, objective discussions" of controversial issues, for example in news reports or as part of a historical discussion. 

Note that these changes only apply to content that was previous eligible for limited ads. There aren't any policy changes affecting content that was (and is) fully prohibited from showing advertising. 

If you aren't sure how this applies to your content, check out the examples in the advertiser-friendly guidelines help center article. And remember, the context matters.

YouTube will automatically review recent uploads (uploaded since May 2019) for compliance with the new guidelines. For older videos YouTube Partners can request a manual review

Partners can also contact YouTube Creator Support directly for assistance.

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