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Check Your Mic and Camera Before Joining a Google Meet Video Call

Before you join a video call, you want to be sure your microphone and camera are working properly. The Google Meet "green room" lets you test how you will look and sound before joining a meeting or class. 

Watch the video to see how to preview your audio and video, or read on for detailed instructions. 

Preview audio and video quality before joining a meeting

Note that this option is only available on the web, not in the Meet or Gmail mobile app. 

1. Open the link to your Google Meet meeting or class on your Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer.

This works for any Meet links, including those in Google Calendar Events, Google Classroom, emailed or shared with you directly. 

Note that if you create a new meeting at and select the "Instant Meeting" option or choose the "Start now" option for a new Meet meeting in Gmail, you will not be able to run the quality check before you join. 

Instead, choose the option to create a Meet link for later. You can then open the link to run your check. 

2. Below your camera feed click "Check your audio and video"

3. Check that the correct microphone, speaker and camera are set

Click the item to select a different mic, speaker or camera.
I'm using the microphone and speakers in my headphones.

When that is set, click the blue Next button.

5. Record a short clip

Click the blue Start button.

Make a brief recording. Say something like "I'm just testing my audio and video." It's less than 10 seconds so keep it short!

Note that Google says "No one else will see this, and it's not saved anywhere."

6. Play back the recording

When the recording is complete, make sure there are green check marks across the board, and then click the play button to watch the recording.  

Click "Tips and tricks" at the bottom of the screen for suggestions on how to improve your video and audio quality.

7. Exit by clicking the X at top right. 

This returns you to the page where you can click the button to Join Now (or Ask to Join) to join the meeting.

Check your audio and video settings in a Meet video call

You can also check your microphone and camera settings after joining the meeting or class.

1. Click the 3 dot More menu icon at bottom right

2. Select Settings from the menu

3. In the Settings check your audio and video settings

In the Audio settings check and change your microphone and speaker.

In the Video settings check and change your camera. 
You can also set the maximum resolution to either 360p or 720p.

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