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YouTube inserting mid-roll ads in monetized 8 minute+ videos at the end of July

Starting at the end of July, YouTube videos 8 minutes or longer can have mid-roll ads. If you do not want mid-roll ads automatically inserted in your existing monetized videos, you need to update your settings by July 27. 

Currently only videos that are at least 10 minutes long can have mid-roll ads - ads in the middle of the content - inserted. At the end of July, the minimum video length for midrolls will be 8 minutes.  This will be enabled by default, and YouTube will apply this setting to your older monetized videos.  
Starting in late July, videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads. As part of this change, mid-roll ads will be turned on for all eligible existing videos and future video uploads, including those videos where you may have previously opted out of mid-roll ads. Videos that already have mid-roll ads turned on will not be impacted. If mid-roll ads are not a good fit for your videos, you can indicate this preference in YouTube Studio by July 27, 2020. (source)
If you do not make any changes, YouTube's machine learning technology will insert the ads in "natural audio or visual breaks" in your videos. 

You can also manually place the ads, but YouTube recommends against that.
User studies indicate that automatically placed mid-roll ads are two times less interruptive than manually placed mid-roll ads.
YouTube also argues that the ads are not that annoying.
While some viewers might find mid-roll ads annoying or interruptive, we take care of predicting the best ad placement for minimal interruption to viewer experience. We aim to balance the needs of viewers, advertisers, and creators on our platform.
If you do not want mid-roll ads in your longer videos, you need to update your monetization settings. 

Update your YouTube channel's mid-roll ad preferences

Note: you must make this change by July 27, 2020 to prevent mid-roll ads from being inserted in all your 8 minute or longer monetized videos.

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on the web (

2. Click $ Monetization on the left menu or go to directly.

3. You will see a grey banner that says "To help increase your monetization potential, we’re updating mid-roll eligibility and preferences. You can change your preferences by July 27, 2020". 
Click Actions on that banner, then click Open Preferences.

4. Preference settings will pop up with more information.

You have two choices: 
  • I want to increase my monetization potential with mid-roll ads automatically (placements can be manually adjusted later).
  • I will individually review and enable mid-rolls on new uploads and existing videos.
5. If you select the option to enable mid-roll ads manually, you will be asked to provide a reason why you selected that setting. 

6. Once you have made your choice, click Save.

Change the default monetization settings for new uploads after July 27

After July 27, you will still be able to change the default setting for new uploads. 

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on the web (

2. Click the Settings gear on the left menu

3. On the Channel Settings popup, select Upload defaults on the left, then click the Monetization tab. 

4. Change the default monetization settings for new uploads, and Save your changes. 

Manually insert or adjust mid-roll ads

You can manually insert or adjust mid-roll ad breaks in eligible videos.

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on the web (

2. On the left menu, select Videos or directly open 

3. Find the video you want to edit, then click the $ monetization icon to the right of the video title

4. Enable monetization, and under Location of video ads select (or deselect) the During video (mid-roll) option

5. If you are satisfied with your choice (mid-rolls off OR mid-rolls automatically inserted) click Save

6. If you have enabled mid-roll ads, and want to adjust their insertion, select Manage Mid-rolls

7. Insert or delete ad breaks.

8. Click Continue then Save

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