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Weekly Update - July 11, 2020: YouTube, Webmasters,

weekly update July 11, 2020
As the summer rolls on, updates are rolling out. This week there are new ad settings and metrics for YouTube Partners, updates for webmasters, and Google+ is finally completely gone.  

YouTube and Video Creation


  • Microsoft Teams is introducing a new “together mode” that uses AI to create cutouts of meeting participants and place them on the same background. It’s like everyone is in a room together, sort-of. They are also introducing video filters, to adjust lighting and background blur, and Dynamic View, which gives you more control over who you are seeing on-screen.

Social Media

Webmasters and Bloggers



Image: Wave by Elias Sch. from Pixabay . Free for commercial use.


  1. I must now plough thru years of blog posts to delete the dead links to G+

    1. I did that last year. It was a major project :(


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