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Opportunity for Bloggers: Google Cameos video answers

If you are based in the US, and blog about Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Home & Garden or Video Games, you may be eligible to share your expertise in Google Cameos.

Cameos are short video answers to commonly asked questions that appear in the Google Search results. They display your name and can be shared.

Cameos are invite-only, and this is a special invitation for bloggers to apply to participate. If you are interested, fill out the application form with your name, email, blog URL and category, and your country. 

Google says this may be open to more blog categories and countries in the future.

For more details about Google Cameos, read on.

What are Google Cameos?

Google Cameos appear in the Google Search results as video answers to common search questions. 
For searches where Cameos answers are available, they appear on the right Knowledge Panel under Top Questions Answered.
Search results for quesadillas on desktop
Search results for "quesadillas" on desktop showing "Top questions answered"

On mobile the Cameo results are more prominently displayed under the main Knowledge Panel at the top of the search results.

Search results for "quesadillas" in the Android Google app
showing "Top questions answered"

The videos may also appear in the Google app’s Discover feed for people who have related interests.

What can you get out of this? 

The Cameos show name, occupation, and link to other answers by the same person.

It is reasonable to ask what's in it for you if you go to the effort of creating these video answers for Google. 

I think the benefit beyond helping people by answering questions, is to give you visibility as an expert. As Google puts it
Amplify your presence on Google with videos in your personal voice.
The videos display the person's name, personal description or occupation, and links to other video answers by the same person. It does not link to any other website. 

The videos will also appear in your Knowledge Panel.

Search results for "Michael Bonacini" showing the questions he
answered in the "Top questions answered" section of his Knowledge Panel

Cameos videos are also linkable and shareable, with easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or by Email. 

Share a Google Cameos video.

How to create Google Cameos video

As you probably guessed from the vertical videos, this is optimized for mobile devices. Once you have installed the app, you can select a question and record your video. Captions are automatically generated. 

You can also download your own video and upload it to your own social profile.

1. Install the Google Cameos app for Android or iOS

2. Open the app, sign in, and select a question to answer

3. Use the camera in the app to record your question. 
  • Be sure to use portrait orientation, not landscape.
  • Make sure your audio is clear and your face is visible.
  • Answers should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute.
  • Answer two or more questions to have them displayed on your Knowledge Panel
  • Your response must comply with Google's Policies for Content Posted by Users on Search
  • You can do multiple takes and delete videos