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YouTube tightens verification eligibility requirements

September 20, 2019: YouTube has revised and reversed some of the changes listed below. See my updated post for details.

YouTube is changing the criteria for verification to focus on "prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity". YouTube will automatically verify creators, artists, companies and public figures that meet the following criteria:
  • A large audience and community on YouTube
  • Wide recognition outsize of YouTube, with a strong online presence
  • Your channel has a unique name could be confused with other YouTube channels
There isn't any way to request verification. 

Verified channels will no longer have a special checkmark badge. Instead the channel name will have a grey background to highlight the channel name.

YouTube says one reason they are making this change is that many viewers associate the checkmark with an endorsement of content, rather than identity. The new look will display across all platforms and "is more difficult to replicate" (so it won't work to use a name that ends with  ✔ or ☑)

These new criteria apply to every channel, so if your channel is currently verified, it may no longer be eligible. There is an option to appeal if you believe your channel verification is removed in error. 

The changes will go into effect in October.

One of the few souvenirs I have from Google+ is the verification badge that appears on my YouTube channel. I was verified on Google+ as a Top Contributor/Product Expert and that carried over to my channel that used the same Google identity.
Under the new criteria, I'm no longer eligible. It was nice while it lasted, but I won't miss the badgering "how did YOU get verified" comments on my videos.

Read on for more information about this change and learn how to appeal.

If your channel is currently verified, but no longer eligible, you should receive an email from YouTube Creators.
If your channel is still eligible, you should also receive an email that states that.

As the email notifications don't mention the affected channel name, if you have more than one verified channel you can confirm channel status by viewing the banners on  Studio Beta dashboard (

How to Appeal removal of your YouTube channel's Verification

If you received a notice verification will be removed, and you believe your channel actually is eligible for verification, you can submit an appeal.

The appeal form asks for links to your social media profiles, and links to news articles or "other trustworthy online sources" that mention your channel.

If you submit the appeal before October 17, YouTube promises is will be processed before any changes are made.

There is no way to request verification if your channel is unverified.

How to distinguish your channel without verification

Even if your channel isn't eligible for verification, you can make it stand out. Give your channel a unique name and channel icon, and customize the design of your channel.

And you can report channels that are impersonating your channel

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  1. Here goes the last Google+ Create perk.

  2. well, YouTube has never taken good care of ordinary, creative or constructive users. Only if you have a very popular channel on how to scare people at all times of the day, you will be rewarded !! Right in the spirit of YouTube.


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