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AdSense removing "inactive" sites from the Sites list

Any website in your AdSense Sites list that does not show ads for 5 months will have to go through the review process again to display ads.

AdSense now shows a warning message if you have any sites in your Sites list that has not shown ads for at least four months.  That gives you one month to get ads showing again.

If your site does not show ads for over five months, it will need to be reviewed to show ads again.

Check if any of your sites are inactive in AdSense

1. Sign in to AdSense (

2. If any of your sites have not shown ads for at least four months, you should see a notification under the bell and a banner at the top of your account.

3. Click Go to Sites on the warning banner, or click Sites on the left menu.

4. The Sites page will have a box with a list of Inactive Sites URLs

Note: if you set up AdSense for your Blogger blog, then later added a Custom Domain, the old URL may be inactive. That should not be a problem as long as your Custom Domain is not on the inactive list.

5. Click Show Details for more information.

This site hasn't shown any ads for at least 4 months.
Make sure you place ads on your site before Oct 4, 2019.
Otherwise, it will need to be reviewed again. 
Pay special attention to the deadline to show ads on your site before it needs to be reviewed again.

6. Optional: place AdSense ads on your site. You can click Set Up Ads to get ad code, or, if you have AdSense linked to your Blogger blog's Earnings tab, add an AdSense gadget to your blog's layout.

More information in the AdSense Help Center: Your Site is Inactive

Request AdSense review an inactive site

If you want to display ads on an inactive site that has not shown ads for more than five months, you will need to request AdSense review it again.

Before you request a review, make sure that your site complies with the AdSense Program Policies, and place ad code on your site. If you have a Blogger blog with AdSense linked on the Earnings tab, you should be able to add an AdSense gadget to your blog's Layout.

1. Sign in to AdSense at

2. Click Sites on the left menu

3. Find the site you want to place ads on in the Sites list. It will show as Inactive

4. Click the down arrow to the right of your inactive site.

5. Confirm you have placed AdSense code on your site.

6. Click Request review

The review process usually takes a few days, but in some cases can take up to 2 weeks.

If you have questions, you can post in the official AdSense Help Community