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AdSense launching "new and improved" Auto Ads that work through any ad code

AdSense is updating the functionality of Auto Ads so that they work through any ad code.  If you have enabled Auto Ads anywhere on your site, pages that only have regular AdSense ad unit code will now start showing Auto Ads.

The change will go into effect in late October (the deadline on the main card in my account is October 19, but on the review page it's October 20). Review the Auto Ads settings on all your sites before then to make sure your site continues to show ads the way you want.

Note for Blogger blog publishers: using regular ad units to display Auto Ads "may not work correctly" if used via a host partner website like Blogger.

More information: Introducing the new and improved Auto ads

Review the new Auto Ads settings

To go along with the change in Auto Ads functionality, there are now more controls to customize Auto Ads in your AdSense account.

AdSense will try to match your current settings at that time, but it's best to check before the deadline, because some settings have changed. There will be a notice in your AdSense account if you have sites that need reviewing.

1.  Sign in to AdSense (

2.  On the "Get ready for exciting changes to Auto ads" card click Review. 
3. That will retrieve your current Auto Ads settings that need to be reviewed.  

4. Click Review next to the site you want to review.

5. A preview of your site with Auto Ads will load. On the right side of the screen are Auto Ads settings you can enable and disable.

6. Update your Auto Ads Settings
  • Auto ads
    • Enable or disable Auto ads
    • Enable or disable Optimize you existing ad units. This lets AdSense optimize existing ad units and Auto Ads together.
  • Ad formats
    • Enable or disable In-page ads.  These are ads inserted into your content. You can control the number of ads in the Ad loads setting.
    • Enable or disable Matched content. If your site is eligible, this shows related content from your site, with or without ads.  (I have Matched content enabled at the bottom of this page)
    • Enable or disable Anchor ads. These ads stick to the top or side of the screen, usually only on mobile devices, and can be dismissed. (I have Anchor ads enabled.)
    • Enable or disable Vignette ads. These are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads. 
  • Ad load
    • Control the amount of ads that show on your pages from "Min" to "Max".  This only affects In-page Auto Ads.

  • Use Page Exclusions to exclude specific pages or sections of your site from showing Auto Ads.

7.  The preview will update as you change the settings. You can click the phone or laptop icon at the top of the page to switch between mobile and desktop views.
8. When you are ready, click Done

9. That will return you to the main Review ad settings screen where you can review other sites. When you are done, click Save and apply settings

View and review the Auto Ads settings for all your sites

You can see and edit the Auto Ads settings for all your sites on your Ads > Overview page. 
1. Sign in to AdSense

2. Click Ads on the left menu

3. That opens the Overview page for your ads. That will show if Auto Ads are on or off for the domain.

4. Click the edit pencil to the right of the domain to edit the Auto Ads settings.  See the details above for the settings you can edit.

If you would like to let AdSense know what you think about these changes, use the Send Feedback link on the Ads > Overview page.

Learn more in the AdSense help center: Review Auto Ads settings


  1. Can you please provide a link to the review site? Is it /myads/... or what?

    1. I can't link directly because the URLs include your AdSense Publisher ID. To review your ads:
      1. Sign in to AdSense website (
      2. Click "Ads" on the left menu
      3. That should automatically open the "Overview", but if it doesn't click "Overview" on the left menu under "Ads"
      4. Click the pencil icon to the right of your site to edit the ad settings.

    2. Yeah, but I don't have the newest version of AdSense yet. That's why I thought maybe a url could help me get there :)


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