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Weekly Update - December 10, 2016: YouTube, Google+, Best of 2016

This week there are some great updates and tips for YouTubers around the world, webmasters, Google+ers, Project Fi subscribers and much more.
  • YouTube Red is now available in Korea, YouTube is showing morelocal language content in India, and they are working with Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft to curb the spread of terrorist content online
  • The Google+ Android app loads web pages faster, plus there are learning resources for the new Google+ and Collections
  • Android 7.1.1 is rolling out to more devices
  • 2016 isn’t quite over, this year’s “Best” lists are out

Image: Bloemen en vogels door Seitei, Watanabe Seitei, 1916 (Rijksmuseum via Wikimedia Commons)

Holiday cheer:

2016: the best and most popular


  • 9 December Google Webmaster Office Hours: Internationalization
  • 13 December Google Webmaster Office Hours: Structured Data
  • 14 December Google Webmaster Office Hours: AMP & PWA (w/Paul Bakaus)
  • 15 December #AskAdSense every Thursday 9:30 AM PST on Google+ and Twitter
  • 16 December Google Webmaster Office Hours: Search Console
  • 20 December Google Webmaster Office Hours: Mobile, AMP 

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Nexus, Pixel, Android, Project Fi

  • [LAUNCH] Update for Project Fi App (Version M) starting to roll out (Project Fi)
  • Project Fi has holiday treats for subscribers! A World of Thanks (Google blog)
  • Android 7.1.1 rolling out, bringing some of the Pixel's features to everyone (Google Blog)
  • Google rolling out “OK Google” hotword support for Android Auto (Android Police via Alex Garcia)
  • Mexican designer behind Google's Pixel smartphone discusses the company's hardware push (Univision)


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