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Free Webinar: Getting Started with the New Google+

On December 7th, I joined +Michael Daniels in his Top Contributor Hangouts series to talk about how to get started with the new Google+.  I talked about how to set up your profile, find interesting content, and  post your own content.

Whether you are new to Google+ or a long time Plusser getting used to the new interface, you should learn something new.  And if you are still using the Classic Google+ interface, now is the time to give the new web experience a try!

Here's the general outline of what we discussed.

1. Setting up your Google+ Profile
2. Populating your Home stream
       * Finding and following Collections
       * Following People and Pages
       * Organizing people into Circles
       * Communities

3. Engaging with posts: Plus, Comment, Share

4. Posting
         * Create your own Collections
         * New posts, Text and Plus Mentions
         * Share photos and images
         * Share links
         * Create a poll
         * Post settings

5. Notifications

You can watch the recording and join the chat by signing in here (it's free, with registration). I've also embedded the video below.

We covered a lot of topics in an hour, so I've shared my slides below (with a few edits for clarity). You can peruse them at your own pace. To get the full description of each slide, view the speaker notes.

    • To view full screen, click the full screen button.
    • To see the slide description and notes, click the gear, then select "Open speaker notes"
If you have questions, need help, or are looking to take Google+ to the next level, here are some resources:

Get help with Google+
Create Collections
Follow my "Get the most out of Google+" Collection for updates and tips:

Peggy K's Get the most out of Google+ Collection

Watch the webinar Learn Google+ from a TC:

Posted by Peggy K


  1. Excellent presentation & great tips!
    When I invite people to use G+, I often get a lot of questions, I can now share your slideshow and the video to help my friends become acclimated with all that G+ has to offer.
    Thank you Peggy & Michael.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! I post new tips and updates on Google+ ( so you may want to follow.


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