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2016 in review: YouTube Creator updates - community, creativity, communication

Over the past year YouTube has really focused on creators, adding more support options, making an effort to communicate about policies, updates, and bugs more clearly, and adding features and programs to help build the YouTube community.

Instead of a detailed blog post, I live-streamed my top updates.

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Redesigned Creator Hub

YouTube for Creators Benefit Levels

Improving Content ID for Creators

Changes to account penalties

Redesigned account features page

Clarification on monetization & advertiser-friendly content

- YouTube posted a clarification here:!topic/youtube/djWE1FRqQKo
- My post:
- Business Insider Headline:

Creator support options

YouTube Contacts

YouTube Communities

Moderate comments on your videos and channel

Post and interact with comments

Plus your comment history across YouTube is now visible!

Hangout on Air in YouTube Live

Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube Live Features

YouTube Heroes



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