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Week in Review - September 5, 2015 - Gee Whiz edition

This week Google updated their logo for the first time in 16 years, using a much cleaner, simpler font.  The Google+ iOS app was (finally!) updated to support Collections, the new Street Views mobile app lets you shoot, view and share photo spheres, Blogger introduced 28 new country-specific blogspot domains and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides got some spiffy new features.

All that, plus tips and updates for YouTube, Google+, AdSense, Chrome and more.

Google's New Logo


  • Tip: Get help as a YouTube Creator : Help Center, Help Forum, Google+ Community, and if your channel qualifies, direct support (YouTube Help)
  • Tip: YouTube Creators: Are your videos shareable? Are you speaking directly to your audience? (YouTube Creator Academy)
  • Tip: YouTube Creators: Add a watermark to brand your videos


  • Update: Download the new official Google+ icon 
  • Update: Google+ app for iOS now supports Collections (Rupert Wood)
    also Introducing Google+ Collections on iOS (John Kilcline)
  • Update: Google+ Android App: new "Share link" option for posts (Robert Wallis)
  • New: The first official Google+ Collections #FeatureFriday contest - join the official G+ Creators and Curators Community to find out what next week's theme is

Local Businesses

  • Update: No more manual verification of businesses via Google's Local support team (Priya Chandra)
  • Update: Google makes the desktop local results more like the mobile results - popular times now display (Phil Rozek)
  • Update: The Google Business View program has been rebranded Street View | Trusted (Mick Kenyon)


  • New!  The new Street View app lets you take photo spheres and share them to Google Maps, and explore Street Views and others' shared images (Google Maps blog)
  • Update: Google Photos for iOS update (Google Photos)
  • Tip: Photos tutorial: download and delete your photos in Google Photos (Jaana Nyström​ )
  • Tip: Google Photos tip: find your movies, animations and collages (Google Photos)
  • Tip: Science loving photographers: apply now for the#Phys Pics15 photo walk competition for a rare chance to photograph one of the world's major physics labs [Deadline September 6th!!]

Hangouts and Mobile Communication


  • Update: Blogger adds 28 new country-specific blogspot domains (Blogger help forum)


  • Tip: AdSense Publishers: did you receive a policy violation warning? Don't panic, but do fix your website today! (AdSense Blog)

Maps, Google Docs, Chrome and More

Updated March 2019 to remove all Google+ links