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Week in Review - September 26, 2015: First Week of Fall

This week Hangouts made it easier to invite people into a video call or Hangout on Air, Gmail introduced email address blocking and Google voice search got better. Plus tips and tutorials for Google+ collectors, YouTube creators, bloggers, webmasters and AdSense publishers.


YouTube and Video Creators

  • Tutorials: YouTube Creators: there's still time to sign up for the Foundations of Success Boot Camp!
  • Tips: Make great videos on a limited budget (YouTube Creator Academy)
  • New: New! Facebook introduces 360-degree video (Facebook)

Google Photos

  • Update: Better photo editing on the go: Snapseed introduces a new "Healing" tool, more languages and other improvements (Niels Bendig)
  • Tip: Find fab photos and magical memories for Throwback Thursday in Google Photos (Google Photos)
  • Article: How does the Google Photos app pick out the photos of your cat or feet or a beach? Machine learning and deep neural networks! (Nat and Lo)

Hangouts and Hangouts on Air

  • Update: Now it's easier to invite a person or page into your Hangout video call or Hangout on Air
  • Tip: How to invite the public to a Hangout in Air run by your organization or business (Adafruit Industries)

Bloggers and Webmasters


  • Update: Are you an AdMob publisher? Now it's easier to find help inside your AdMob account (AdMob)
  • Tip: Google Contributor: see fewer ads while still supporting the websites you read! (Matt Cutts)
  • Article: AdSense Publishers and YouTube Partners: monitor traffic on your ads, and don't purchase views! and The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting the Internet (Bloomberg News)

And more:

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