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Week in review - September 19, 2015: AdSense app, YouTube in Hindi, Photos for Pages and more

This week has some smaller updates: Google Photos (finally) supports Google+ Brand Pages on desktop, the AdSense Android app gets a material design update, YouTube opens a Hindi help forum, and Google Slides makes it easier to present to Hangouts from your mobile device. Google has made it easier to report robo-callers pretending to be Google. Plus there are more tips and updates for YouTube, Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts, webmasters, and more.

Image: Hyacinths from The Temple of Flora (1797-1810) by Dr. Robert John Thornton (public domain)


  • New! YouTube Creators : Looking for help in Hindi? YouTube सहायता फोरम is now open!
  • Update: It's easier to upload in the Android YouTube app with the home screen upload icon (YouTube Creators)
  • Tips: Have a new YouTube channel? The "Foundations for Success" Creator Academy Bootcamp will teach the fundamentals of creating - and maintaining - a successful channel!
  • Tip: Top YouTube tips for small businesses (just do it!) 
  • Tip: Video Creators: have you found the right chairs for your production? Here's why you should!  (Every Frame a Painting) 

Live Streaming

  • Coming soon: live stream game play from your Android phone or tablet to YouTube (The Verge)
  • Tip: You can stream game play live in Hangout on Air - and you could use the same method to stream anything on your screen (Craig Long)
  • Update: Periscope has introduced web profiles (The Next Web)


  • Join the official G+ Creators and Curators Community to get update on the weekly #FeatureFriday contest - your Collection could be featured
  • Update: Google+ Links (to Local Pages) & Reviews Stripped from the Branded SERPs Now Too  (Linda Buquet)
  • Update: Google Photos now supports Google+ Brand Pages on desktop (Robert Wallis)


  • Update: Google Photos now supports Google+ Brand Pages on desktop (Robert Wallis)
  • Tip: Advanced photo editing tip: use the Snapseed Tonal Contrast filter to remove haze from a photo (Snapseed)


  • Survey: Why do you sign out of Hangouts on Android or iOS? (Jordanna Chord)
  • Update: Presentations on the go: Google Slides for Android updated with improved Hangout presentations (Google for Work)
  • Update: Skype now lets you share "mojis" - short clips from TV shows and movies - when a smiley just isn't expressive enough (Skype)                  
  • Tips: What's special about Hangouts? Hangouts works across devices, lets you run apps during video calls, and stores your chat history in Gmail, where you can search and label individual messages. Plus more! (The Apps Show)


  • Update: the AdSense mobile app has a fresh material design look and new features (AdSense)

Blogger and Webmasters

  • Update: Google cracking down on robo callers pretending to represent Google (Mike Blumenthal)
  • Tip: Mobile Playbook: The Busy Executive's Guide to Winning with Mobile (AdSense)


  • Update: Keep the same fonts and animated GIFs when you export your Google Docs file to Office (or back again) (Google Docs)
  • Update: Presentations on the go: Google Slides for Android updated with improved Hangout presentations (Google for Work)
  • Update: Help choose the next an anonymous animal in Google Docs (Google Docs)

And More!

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