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The new Google My Business dashboard for Brand Pages

Update April 2, 2019: Consumer Google+ shuts down, and all Google+ Pages will be deleted. Download a copy of your Google+ Page data with Google Takeout before then.
Update February 5, 2019: It's no longer possible to create a Google+ Page
Update October 2017: Google My Business no longer creates a Brand Account along with a business listing, which means there is no way to connect Google+ or YouTube to a new listing.
Update May 2017: Google My Business no longer automatically creates a Google+ Page along with a business listing.
Update January 2017: Google+ Brand Pages are no longer supported on the Google My Business dashboard. 
Update August 2016: Google My Business Insights no longer include Google+ Page information, and the Google My Business app no longer supports Google+ Pages.
Google is rolling out an improved "Google My Business" dashboard for Local Pages and Brand Pages. The new dashboard is at Google My Business ( instead of Google+ ( and places management tools at your fingertips.

Brand Pages are used to represent YouTube channels, bands, organizations and brands on Google+ - any other identity that isn't a local business (where you see customers or clients face-to-face) or your personal profile. Since that's what I use, and I'm not a Local Business expert, my post focuses specifically on Brand Page Management.

Old Google+ Pages dashboard:
New Google My Business dashboard for Brand pages:

The new Google My Business dashboard for Brand Pages

The Google My Business dashboard has a new Material Design-based interface, and two tabs at the top, one for Locations and the other for Brand Pages

When you are on the Brand Pages tab you have these options:

  • Switch between Grid View and List View
  • Select the number of listings displayed per page
  • Create a new brand Page (click the blue + on the lower right)
  • Open the menu
  • Send feedback

If you have a lot of Pages, the new List View lets you see the information at a glance

The menu - accessed by clicking the "hamburger" 3 line menu icon at top left - lets you access more account options. Those options are limited for accounts that only have Brand Pages.

Managing your Brand Page

When you click the option to manage a Brand Page, or you click the "My Business" option while acting as a Page on Google+, you will open the Page's dashboard.  It looks very much like the old Page dashboard, with three major changes:

  • There is a new "Insights" tab that links directly to the page's Insights and analytics
  • There is a new left navigation menu
  • The option to post to Google+ has been removed

The left menu navigation for individual Brand Pages: 
  • Home = Page's main dashboard
  • Insights = views and other analytics
  • Google+ page = Open your Page on Google+ as a manager
  • Add a location = Local Page addition
  • All brand pages = Google My Business Dashboard
  • Managers = add or remove managers, or transfer page ownership
  • Settings = settings

Note: while there is a "Contact Support" link, Google only offers direct email or phone support for Local Pages, not Brand Pages

How do you get the new dashboard?

When the new dashboard is available on your account, clicking "Pages" in the Google+ navigation menu, or "My Business" when managing a Page will bring you to the new interface. If you don't have it now, it should be rolling out to you soon!

Learn more about the Google My Business interface for Local businesses: