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Week in Review - June 27, 2015: Google+, Blogger, AdSense and more

This week Google added new settings to the notification bell, Blogger now requires private blog readers to have a Google account, AdSense will start displaying invalid activity deductions, and Hangouts for Android reaches a billion downloads. Microsoft offers Office for Android phones, and Facebook messenger no longer requires a Facebook account. And rainbows are everywhere!

YouTube + Google+

  • Control which notifications you see under the bell icon - Google+, YouTube, or Google Photos
  • Share a YouTube video into a Google+ Collection - it will also appear as a comment on the video watch page.
  • Cancel your Gmail email without affecting your YouTube channel or other Google services

Video around the web

  • Video AutoPlay arms race
  • Bing Video Search is the best video search?


  • Control which notifications you see under the bell icon - Google+, YouTube, or Google Photos
  • Google Photos makes fish butts more interesting (Linus Torvalds)
  • You can be recognized in photos even if your face isn't visible. Maybe it's time to retire your favorite shirt? (Facebook photos)


  • 1 Billion Hangouts downloads - and more good stuff coming!
  • Hangouts celebrates LGBT Pride month
  • Hangouts celebrates Father's Day
  • Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account


Bloggers and Webmasters

  • Private Blogger blogs: your readers must have a Google account
  • Bloggers: Facebook implements Authorship
  • Helpdesk Hangouts answered search, SEO and webmaster questions in yesterday's Hangout on Air


More interesting launches

  • Google introduces News Lab, with tools, data and other resources for newsrooms to use in their reporting
  • Google Play Music introduces free ad-supported radio in the United States
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