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Week in Review - June 20, 2015: Summer solstice edition

Happy Summer Solstice and Father's Day both! This week there are tips for managing your photos, getting paid through AdSense, Google+ collections, YouTube creators and more!

YouTube and Video Creation


  • Save storage space by re-uploading your photos to Google Photos at "High Quality"
  • Snapseed update: Even better pro photo editing on your mobile device
  • Google Photos vs Flickr: which is better? ( +Lifehacker )
  • Having trouble finding the right profile photo? Ask your friends to help you find the photo of the best you (Buzzfeed Google Photos promo)


  • Learn more about creating and managing Collections in the new official Google+ Collections community 
  • Google+ Collections update: add a tagline ( +Jaana Nyström )
  • Give your Google+ Community a unique cover image ( +Google+ Top Contributors )
  • Small Business owners: join the 500000 members of the Google Small Business Community to get help succeeding on the web

Bloggers and Webmasters


Hangouts and other chat 

  • Skype for Web (beta) now available for Chromebooks
  • Munch, munch, munch: Unicode update includes emoji for popcorn, hot dogs and tacos


And more...

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