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Was your AdSense payments account cancelled? Don't panic!

If you are a YouTube Partner, and you received an email from Google Payments that your "payments account was canceled", don't panic! 

Many YouTube Partners received an email that their "payments account [AdSense publisher ID] for Google AdSense was recently canceled." 

Over the past few months, your AdSense account has split into two separate payment profiles
  • There is an "AdSense" payments profile for AdSense for Content (on your own website), AdMob, and AdX. 
  • And there is a separate "YouTube" payments profile for YouTube earnings
If you only use AdSense for YouTube, your AdSense payments profile has become inactive, and so is being closed. 

This does not affect your YouTube payment profile. 

You will continue to receive your finalized YouTube earnings, and be issued payments, in your AdSense account.

If your closed AdSense payment profile had at least $10 in earnings, you should be issued a final payment. This usually goes out in the next payment cycle, but may take up to 90 days to receive. 

If you have not received a final payment after 90 days, use the AdSense final payment troubleshooter to get to a contact form.  You can also contact YouTube Creator Support for assistance

If you had less than $10 in the closed AdSense payment profile, those earnings will not be processed. 

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